Critical step for Rize-Artvin Airport

Rize and Artvin critical step for the airport: the third world, Turkey's second, the sea will be built on fill method with Rize-Artvin airport for Airport High Planning Council (HPC) took the decision.
Rize-Artvin Airport, the feasibility study of which has been signed on May 12, 2014, will be built on the model of Ordu-Giresun Airport and 2,5 times more fillings will be used from this airport. Although it is an airport to be built on the sea, it will have the same dimensions and features as land airports. The runway size of the airport, which is designed by taking the Boeing 737-800 type aircraft as reference, is planned to be 45 meters wide and 3 kilometers long. With the terminal building and other superstructure facilities, the airport can serve 2 million passengers a year.
The planned area for the airport to be built in Yeşilköy and Pazar beach, about 34 kilometers from Rize center, 105 kilometers from Trabzon center and 75 kilometers from Artvin border, is about 30 meters deep. The port, which will be established 120 kilometers from Artvin, will have a 3-kilometer-long runway, 250-meter taxiway, apron and terminal building.
Ground sounding survey and bathymetric mapping studies were completed for the airport, where a public information meeting on the Environmental Impact and Assessment Report (EIA) was held, with the YPK decision regarding the application made to the Ministry of Development. Protective breakwater type section and infrastructure final project preparation and Development Plan studies were started.
The Directorate of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication was proposed as the total amount of 2016 million liras project including 600 million liras infrastructure and 150 million liras superstructure construction. After the 750 investment program has been taken into consideration, the works are underway for the infrastructure tender.

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