Burakas confusion application Burakasan bursa

📩 10/12/2018 16:08

Confusing deposit application from Burulaş in Bursa: Public transportation company Burulaş started a deposit application for tickets in Bursa. With the application that confuses passengers, long line tickets will be sold for 5 lira and short line tickets for 4 lira. BURULAŞ, affiliated with the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, announced that the deposit application has started for short and all tickets.
In the announcement made on the website of BURULAŞ, “As of Monday, 20.06.2016; short tickets will be sold for 4 TL (3 TL ticket + 1 TL deposit), the whole ticket will be sold for 5 TL (4 TL ticket + 1 TL deposit). If the tickets, which are usable (not torn, unfolded, in one piece) after the trip, are delivered to Burs Board dealers, a deposit of 1 TL will be refunded to you. " It was said.
Especially the passengers from outside the city reacted to this situation. Passengers said, “Are we going to deal with a deposit refund after the trip? This practice is ridiculous. They said, "It is almost like the tickets have been raised secretly."

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