Security measures at Brussels metro stations are improved

Security measures at Brussels subway stations have been improved: after the weekend terrorist operation in Belgium, strict security measures are taken at central metro stations in Brussels.
Following a weekend terrorist operation in Belgium, strict security measures are taken at central metro stations in Brussels.
The entrance to Brussels's De Brouckere, Rogier, Yser and Bourse metro stations is controlled. In this context, the entrance to the metro stations, which mostly had four entrances, started to be given after a single door and police inspection.
In line with the measures taken, a large number of police and soldiers are on duty in Brussels. Police helicopters patrol the city center. Various military vehicles are kept ready at critical points of Brussels.
The city's central train station (Gare Centrale) was closed for hours due to two unaccounted luggage. As a result of the inspection of the bomb disposal teams, no dangerous material was found in unaccounted baggage and false alarms were revealed.
During the terrorist operation in Brussels, many houses and garages were searched and 40 people were detained, especially on Saturday morning. 12 of those detained in the first stage were arrested. Following the completion of the investigations, it was decided to continue the detention of three people. The Belgian press alleged that three arrested suspects planned terrorist acts and planned a major terrorist attack in the Belgium-Ireland match played Saturday.
22 people died and 32 people were injured in the attacks on a metro station in Brussels and the airport on March 270. The terrorist organization ISIS was responsible for the attack.
According to the Belgian Ministry of Internal Affairs data, there are at least 611 Belgian foreign fighters who go to war, plan or leave there. While these people pose a major threat, Belgium is known as the country that sent the most foreign fighters to Syria compared to its population in Europe.
After a police officer was attacked at his home in France, in Belgium, police were advised to keep their weapons with them at the end of their work. Last week, a terrorist alarm was issued, especially in Brussels, and warned that various attacks could be carried out on critical points.

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