International demand for Ankara's monorail project

Ankara's monorail project to the international demand: President MAG Located between dreams and to be applied for the first time in Turkey, including the monorail project first came to Japan demand from many foreign countries. International financial institutions forwarded to the Metropolitan that they could provide credit support for the project
Transportation systems related to the city were discussed at the meeting held in March 2016 between Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek and municipal bureaucrats. In the meeting, the Metropolitan Municipality decided to implement a Monorail style transportation system to the new bus station to be built in Mamak and the city hospital in Etlik.
Companies from countries such as Japan, Spain, Switzerland, China and Italy started negotiations with the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate. EGO officials, who have examined the demands of the companies related to the Monorail, which OSTİM has also aspired to, are expected to clarify the project in the coming days.
On the other hand, Turkey's first monorail project has seen great interest from international financial institutions. For the Monorail, which is planned to be implemented with the Build-Operate-Transfer model, the international financial institution conveyed to the Metropolitan Municipality that they could assist the company in loaning.
The monorail is one of the city rail transportation types. As the name implies, the wagons move in the direction of departure or arrival, ie on a monorail or hanging under a rail. The rail system used in public transportation is carried out with two beams placed on a column and the rails on these two beams and the arrival and arrival are performed simultaneously. The first idea of ​​monorail is 19. It dates back to the end of the century. But these drawings on paper are 20. It was realized in the middle of the century and has been developed and developed in every period.

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