Angren-Pap railway in Uzbekistan

Angren-Pap railway in Uzbekistan: Chinese President Shi and Uzbekistan President Kerimov press the button to pass the first train through the tunnel to the Kamchik mountain pass
Angren-Pap railway, which connects the Fergana Valley, where 10 million people live in Uzbekistan, to other parts of the country through the Kamçık mountain pass, was put into use.
A ceremony was held for the first train to pass through the tunnel, which was built at the Kamçık high mountain pass at an altitude of 2 meters above sea level in cooperation with China's China Railways Tunnel Group.
Chinese President Shi Cinping and Uzbekistan President Islam Kerimov pressed the button for the first train to pass through the railway, which was connected to the ceremony in live broadcast from Tashkent.
Uzbekistan Railways Administration, Chinese officials and railway workers, as well as a large number of journalists boarded the passenger train, the first time passed through the 19,2 kilometer tunnel. The XnumX-kilometer-long Angren-Pap railway cost 123 billion 1 million dollars, and 680 was completed over the years.
Loans provided by the Uzbekistan Railways Enterprise, Uzbekistan and Development Fund, as well as international financial institutions were used in financing the Angren-Pap Railway project, which connects the Fergana Valley, where approximately 10 million people live in the east of the country, to other regions.
With the launch of the railway, which is an important route for connecting China and Europe through Central Asia, the use of Tajikistan lands will not be needed for railway transportation between Uzbekistan's Fergana Valley and other regions of the country.

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