3 in Akçaray. Stage Works Started

3rd Stage Works Started in Akçaray: The 3rd stage works, which constitute an important part of the Akçaray Tramway Project, started.
In the Akçaray Tram Project, which will breathe the urban transportation of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the works continue at full speed in many points. In the third stage, starting from Hafız Binbaşı street where the Courthouse is located and going to Kocaeli Science Center in Sekapark, ground preparation works continue. At the stage, which covers 3 kilometers of the 7,2-kilometer project, infrastructure operations and displacement productions continue first.
Infrastructure work has started at the starting point of Hafız Binbaşı Caddesi. Within the scope of the 3rd stage, displacement manufacturing of drinking water, rainwater and wastewater networks is also carried out in the northern part of the D-100 Highway. The line excavation works of approximately 3 meters in front of the old province in the 200rd stage of the tram project, which started from the Yunus Emre Wedding and Cultural Center and the Hafız Binbaşı street where the Courthouse is located, will also be carried out. In this part, the line superstructure works will be started following the soil improvement and filling works.
The third stage starts from Hafız Binbaşı Avenue and reaches the green area in the north of D-3 and Şahabettin Bilgesu Avenue in front of Yeni Cuma Mosque. 100 kilometer stage; it continues from here to the Central Bank and then reaches to TCDD Train Station along Cumhuriyet Street and ends in front of the Science Center, which is the head of the line.



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