Yapı Merkezi and STFA Won Doha Metro Tender

doha metro will raise the world cup
doha metro will raise the world cup

Yapı Merkezi and STFA company won the tender for Doha Metro with a value of 4,4 billion dollars. Yapı Merkezi and STFA company won the tender for the four-line Doha Metro, which will be built in Qatar, with a value of 4,4 billion dollars.

The agreement of the Yapı Gold Line ihale line of Doha Metro, which consists of four main lines, was signed by STFA and Yapı Merkezi as a result of the bidding process.

Duration of work 54 months

The first in the national income per capita, the construction of the 2022 World Cup in the Gulf, which will host the World Cup in Qatar construction projects are continuing. Subway, underground stations, railway, stadiums, shopping malls, hotels, highway, bridges, immersed tunnels, reservoirs, many from Turkey and the world for companies such as investments, are following tenders in Qatar.

The ”Gold Line daki line with the largest volume in the Doha subway, undertaken by Turkish companies, states the following:

Tedir Gold Line Line, starting from New Doha Airport, passes from east to west. Within the scope of the project, there is a tunnel with 32 km length and 7,15 meter excavation diameter. Approximately 128 thousand tunnel segments will be used along the line. In the construction of the tunnels, 6 pieces of Tunnel Boring Machine will be used at the same time. The architecture of the 13 underground station will be made to the highest standards and will be fully equipped with the latest electro mechanical technology. Only 2,5 million cubic meters will be excavated during the construction of the stations. A total of 120 million cubic meters of concrete will be used in the project.


Doha Metro is planned to provide connections between city centers, important commercial areas and stadiums. Considering the densely populated areas of the city, the metro lines in the center of Doha were designed to be completely underground.

The Doha Metro, which is planned to be composed of four lines, Red, Gold, Green and Blue, will have an 127 kilometer length and an 38 station.

The Qatar Railroad Company X QRail ail, which will undertake the construction and follow-up of the metro constructions, was established in 2011 to provide the development of Qatar railway industry. Qrail is aiming to complete the railway projects until the 2022 year, where the country will host the FIFA World Cup, and to bring the country's railway transportation infrastructure to world standards.

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