What Does Kars Logistics Center Do to Our Country? Kazanwill bark

What Does Kars Logistics Center Do to Our Country? Kazanwill continue: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan made investigations on the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, Kars Logistics Center and Ankara-Kars High Speed ​​​​Train Projects.
Ahmet Deniz, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, who frequently visited Kars, visited the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, the Kars Logistics Center and the Ankara-Kars High Speed ​​Train Projects and gave information to the press about these investments.
Arslan said: lis Baku-Tbilisi-Kars is a must-have. We will finish this line which is the missing link of Demir İpek Railway Project at the end of this year. This project is of great importance considering that the 31 trillion dollar trade volume and 1,5 billion people live in our geography. We have a goal of building a central corridor outside the corridor leading from the South to the North through the corridor from Asia to Europe, which is the international corridors. This target is the target of the Republic of Turkey. The Ankara-Kars High Speed ​​Train Project, which is carried out in order to make the cargoes coming to Kars faster, can be found in the 100. 2023 is the year of establishment.
Sharing the latest information about the Kars Logistics Center Project, which will make Kars the center of logistics and trade, Arslan stated that all the works related to the project were completed, the implementation projects were prepared and the tender file was prepared and the tender was made within a few days and the proposals were planned to be received in July.
Emphasizing that Kars Logistics Center will make a serious contribution to the region's trade, Arslan said; Önemli We also have serious negotiations with Azerbaijan There is a new railway corridor going to Islamabad south of Central Asia through Kars-Iğdır-Nahcivan and it is a very important project to make Kars a center. We now continue his work, Şimdi he added.
Arslan: CD General Director of TCDD İsa Apaydın We work together for 10 Years ıy
Arslan, who recently visited Kars, his home town as deputy, was appointed as TCDD General Manager. İsa Apaydın He also accompanied TCDD in Kars.
Arslan in this study; TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın and 10 stated that they will work with Kars for their experiences and know-how and said: X Our General Manager İsa ApaydınAfter sitting in the head office chair, he made his first visit to Kars with his foot powder. Mr. Apaydın knows all three projects as much as we do and takes care of them closely. He gave the good news that the implementation projects of the Logistics Center have reached the stage of completion and will be tendered in July. ”
Ahmet Arslan: ülk The position of our country in terms of international transport corridors is extremely important. Ahmet
Ahmet Arslan, in terms of international transport corridors, the last degrees of the position of our country is important, Turkey around the sea in order to exploit this geopolitical location, weather and Arslan said that highways such as implementation of many projects in all transport modes; Edi These projects are being crowned by Kars, the logistics center, Baku-Tbilisi -Kars Railway, Kars-Iğdır- Nahcivan Road, especially at the eastern end of our country. “
500 people will be employed in logistics center
TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın 300 thousand square meters, 412 thousand tons of capacity in the center, 500 said the person will be employed.
Apaydın also; with the logistics center, it will be a connecting line to the east and west axis with 6 km length to the Kars railway and that the connection road will be made to Kars Cement Plant, and that the Logistics Center is designed to expand with the development of the Kars industry.
What will happen to Kars for our country when Kars Logistics Center is completed? kazanwill he cry?
Kars Logistics Center will include warehouses of various sizes, land and rail connected warehouses, container loading and unloading and stock areas, bulk cargo unloading areas, maintenance and washing facilities. In addition, gas stations, social and administrative facilities, maintenance, repair and demolition facilities, customs service buildings, social and administrative facilities, customer offices, personnel offices and social facilities, truck park, banks, restaurants, hotels, kiosks, communication and transmission center Acceptance and dispatch routes will also be allocated.
The logistics center also includes 2 loading and unloading ramp roads, 1 head ramp road, 1 line current, 3 loading-unloading and gare roads, 1 automatic unloading road, 7 train organizations, maneuver and dispatch ways, 1 dangerous It will also contain material discharge roads, 1 crane road, 10, loco-wagon-road maintenance workshop roads, 1 weighbridge road and 1 rotating bridge.
In the open areas of the center, as well as ramp and loading-unloading areas, loading-unloading ramp and head ramp, loading-unloading and stocking area, dangerous unloading area, automatic unloading facility area container area, truck parking areas and bonded area, in closed areas, 2-storey parking lot Logistics Directorate service building, social facilities, traffic, other facilities, administrative buildings, loko and wagon maintenance repair workshop will be located.

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