We are offering to the HVAC automation of giant projects in Turkey

HVAC automation of giant projects in Turkey are offering: Mitsubishi Electric Turkey President Masahiro Fujisawa, "We're going ahead with vital to Istanbul Marmaray project. We are offering to the HVAC automation of such giant projects in Turkey. " used expressions.
According to the company statement, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning - HVAC) after the automation work area subject to sector meeting the industry from Ankara and Istanbul, held this time in Izmir.
According to the statement, both public and private sector representatives, investors, contracting firms, contractors and speaking at an event Get together with consultants Fujisawa, Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning system of the main activities in Turkey, factory automation systems, CNC mechatronic systems and advanced robotic technology reported that it consists of sales and after-sales services.
Companies satellite in Turkey, elevator, visual data systems, power supply and transport linked to infrastructure projects also includes stated that Fujisawa, stressed that the brand is particularly Turksat 4A-4B satellites and come forward with automation technology used in the Marmaray project. Fujisawa noted:
“Mitsubishi Electric aims to grow further in the field of air conditioning and cooling systems in the European market. Turkey's geopolitical position, there is a favorable country with a young population and growth potential and we believe it will have a say in advanced economies in the world. We have also decided to invest in Turkey in this direction.
Our factory, located in Manisa and planned to start production in January 2018, will be realized with an investment of approximately 176 million TL and its production capacity will be 500 thousand units per year. With the investment to be made, we aim to provide employment to approximately 2020 people by 400 fiscal year. Manisa factory with Turkey, Mitsubishi will become an important production base for Electric household in the air conditioning field. "
- “We are an ambitious player in the automation of HVAC projects”
Expressing that Mitsubishi Electric has been preferred worldwide with more than 75 years of advanced automation systems, Fujisawa said, “As in many industries, we are an ambitious player in the automation of HVAC projects. At this point, we stand out with the Marmaray project, which is vital for Istanbul. We are offering to the HVAC automation of such giant projects in Turkey. " used expressions.
Fujisawa stated that they aim to become a solution partner in the automation of HVAC systems in all kinds of public areas such as factories, residential and office projects, hotels, shopping malls, car parks, tunnels and pools, as well as infrastructure projects.
Fujisawa noted that automation solutions and the individual components of the HVAC system can communicate with each other and that the entire system can be easily managed from a single center.
“We combine our automation power, superior technology and quality in the HVAC industry with our years of engineering experience, and offer tailor-made solutions for projects. Turkey's Marmaray as Mitsubishi Electric, and we realized the Station Information Management System project. Our services within the scope of Marmaray BC1 Bosphorus Crossing Project consist of advanced technology automation equipment, engineering and design, project design, software programming, hardware installation, commissioning, training and service support.
We have carried out the control and monitoring of electromechanical equipment in the tunnel, all stations, ventilation buildings and generator buildings. The Marmaray control system, which we designed as 100 percent redundant, has 37 thousand hardware monitoring and control points, 107 thousand software monitoring and control points, 750 operator screen control pages and 100 kilometers of communication cables. In this way, for example; In the event of a fire that may occur in the tunnel, operators can contact the train operator at the relevant event point and detect the air flow direction in order to evacuate the passenger and smoke. In this way, the system can easily start the defined ventilation scenario by minimizing the possibility of errors by directing the operator. ”

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