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Level crossing information from TCDD to citizens: Within the scope of the "International Level Crossing Awareness Day" announced in 2009 under the leadership of the International Railways Association, an event was organized at the level crossing on the Torbalı highway. gave.

Then TCDD 3. Regional Director Selim Koçbay said that 3. The Regional Directorate stated that there is a total level of 529 level crossing in the area of ​​responsibility. He said that 239 is free and 187 is auto-barrier in this level crossings and 103 has a guardrail barrier.
TCDD 3. Regional Management of the dü Level Crossing Improvement Studies emin thanks to the last 5 109 level crossing the gate was closed and instead of lower-overpasses pointing to the Koçbay, 1100 kilometers in the area of ​​responsibility for the level of the total level crossing 529'a noted that the number falls.

Koçbay continued as follows

Or Within the scope of the responsibility of our Regional Directorate, the number of accidents at the railway lines, which have the largest rate, has decreased by% 30 in the last five years. In the 2011, the 28 crash occurred in the level crossings, while in 2016 the number dropped to 5. In this steady decline; Along with the improvement and modernization works carried out in the level crossings of our region, firstly our Regional Directorate in our country and Dokuz Eylul University and Transportation Safety and Accident Examination Application Research Center (ULEKAM) conducted a panel discussion on 22 January 2015 in Izmir and the panel on ın Level Crossings Bölge and 2014- 2015 has been instrumental in creating awareness of events, such as the 148 school and 15000 students, as well as the Railway Hazards Seminars.

Koçbay pointed out that awareness raising and awareness raising activities for level crossing users will not be limited to this special day and will continue uninterruptedly. Koçbay used the following statements:

Within the scope of ın World Level Crossings Public Awareness Day “, in order to increase the awareness of road vehicle drivers and pedestrians in order to prevent accidents in the level crossings, the personnel of our Regional Security Management System have been prepared for taxi, bus and truck drivers separately and placed in emergency situations and safety tips distribution of the brochures.

Thus; It is aimed to draw attention to the points to be followed in level crossings and reach to more people by communicating on the ground with drivers and pedestrians who are using the gate and at the level crossings where vehicle and train traffic is intense. The most important aim for us is to make rail transport in a safe and sustainable way Bizim




    1. Very nice attempt. It is very important not only to do so on a yearly basis, but also to ensure continuity, to reach all the masses, to make them fit in the minds and to provide conditioning. These efforts and works, stickers, warning signs, flyers, etc. should be supported with work such as flyers!
      Congratulations and thanks for your work, TCDD 3. Blg. Directorate! Let's show that our İzmir is the leader and pioneer of our country in this regard, let's prove!