Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan, Channel Istanbul Concept V

Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan, Concept of Channel Istanbul V: "We do not end the project with us," Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan said, "There are 5-6 bridges on the channel. Railways will also be connected by these bridges. ”
Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, spoke ambitiously about the new giant projects: eler Our priority and biggest project is currently in Istanbul. Channel of Istanbul, of course, with some projects, the beginning of some new projects, in fact, say. In that sense, I hope our work will continue. We do not end the project. Biz
Arslan has made very important evaluations about the new attraction centers in the East and Southeast, relations with Russia, development moves, giant highway projects, and the problems of Istanbul and Istanbul.
Minister Arslan summarized the current situation in Istanbul as follows: Indeed, much can be said but we have to make public declarations. The concept will be 'V'. There will be a bridge on the east-west axis to the places that are currently needed and together with new roads. There is no visual bridge. There are 5 or 6 bridges on that route. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge HalkalıThere is also an extension to Kinali. A bridge will come. The railway that passes over Yavuz Sultan Selim will also be connected to the western axis. For example, there will also be a bridge for him. There are companies interested in the project. Proj
Regarding the Eurasian Tunnel and Marmaray, Minister Arslan said, “You are going with one of your own vehicles. There's also a waste of fuel. You save on fuel by public transport such as Marmaray and you are less harmful to nature because of the decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. Time is money, which is very important. This is much more measurable for people living in metropolitan areas.
The Eurasia Tunnel means that a road that will be covered in 1-1.5 hours will be covered in 15 minutes. Where you cross the Eurasia Tunnel KadıköyYou go to a very dense population of. In the beginning about the Eurasia Tunnel, there was hesitation as to whether it brings an extra burden or harm to the historical peninsula. Although exempt, Europe's largest companies are very reputable and EIA studies were performed with contractors from Turkey. It was seen that, on the contrary, there will be no burden on the historical peninsula, and its negative effects on the environment will be reduced. This project is an award-winning project. ”
Minister Arslan, Istanbul's traffic on the said:
Yapılmış Both the Eurasian Tunnel and the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge were built before they were built on Marmaray. These were determined by the surveys of the Metropolitan Municipality and the metros. Our Prime Minister uses the 25 expression, both the Eurasian Tunnel and the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge Bridge and the connection paths, as well as the metropolis of our municipality. The Prime Minister once again had an expression: there is an action plan work with the Metropolitan Municipality. I hope it will be explained when we bring a certain point. "
Regarding the attraction centers, Minister Arslan said, asıyla Of course, if you consider a place of attraction as a center of attraction, the first criterion about its attraction is that it is accessible and accessible. Again, if it is the center of attraction, it can serve all of the region. Services need to be shared. Kars, Ardahan, Igdir, Agri, this region should develop as a whole. Therefore, all main corridors should always be able to serve with this 4. These main corridors should be able to descend into the Black Sea, Georgia or even the Middle East. In other words, Iran, Syria, Iraq, and therefore all of these projects are structured in such a way as to fully develop the region. I'm guessing Mr. Prime Minister's instructions on this issue in the past will spread to other places with examples. The region as a region to accept and simultaneously implement projects and projects to provide support for each other to ensure development.
Aslan said: Yüksek Again, especially if you think that the location of the airport will make it an attraction center, there was no airport in Hakkari, we went to Yüksekova. Şırnak Airport is also so. There was no land to build an airport in Şırnak. Cizre location is very convenient and there is an airport in Cizre. C
Kö After Osmangazi Bridge, there is a section from Hersek to Orhangazi. You do not enter into Yalova; You do not cover the Altinova-Yalova; and you are not climbing that slope when you go to Orhangazi after Yalova. There is serious time saving. 1 time-1 time The distance to last 15 minutes, 20 falls below the minute. The traffic seriously relieved. With the opening of the bridge from Istanbul to Orhangazi, approximately 58-59 km, uninterrupted opening. This will provide significant relief in the traffic that goes down to the Aegean with holidays and summer. Bay
Minister Ahmet Arslan ongoing question for us is whether Turkey is experiencing a related project with funding shortages gave the following response: "At the moment no project has no funding shortages. There is no change in the model. World, build-operate-devretl made to projects in Turkey, modeled on practices in Turkey in terms of public-private cooperation. World Turkey for example when you are taking, we do not have a reason to give it up but the model can be developed all the time. "
Minister Arslan said, “Of course, we act within the policy determined by our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I hope we will keep up with this as the environment softens. So you always work on projects, you try to implement them quickly. Studies on those projects continue. (Relations with Egypt) The deterioration of relations with Russia is very different. My expectation and hope is that the relations with Russia will improve in a very short time and hopefully reach the point where we can cooperate again. Egypt's is somewhat dependent on political conjuncture; I hope they will get better… ”he said.

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