9 person killed in train crash was buried

9 people who died in a train accident were buried: 5 people, 9 of whom were Syrian, were killed in tears in Elazig central Yurtbasi town, XNUMX of them were Syrian.
Turan Özdemir (39), who died in the Van Lake Express, which made the Bitlis-Ankara campaign yesterday, hitting the van carrying the agricultural workers yesterday. 33) He was buried in Mirahmet Village of Kovancılar District and Zülfü Yaşar (21) was buried in Elazığ central Asri Cemetery.
The funeral of 5 Syrians who died in the accident was handed over to their families after an autopsy at Fırat University Hospital Morgu. The funerals of 5 Syrian people, including Abdullah Bargas, Mervanoğlu Muhammed El Eşhap, Rami İbrahim El Eşhap, Kusay Salih and Casim Oğlu Besil Ali, who lost their lives in the accident, were taken to the ground in the section of the homeless, after the funeral prayer performed in the Asri Cemetery among the tears.
30 pounds were taking wages
Train crash that killed 5 sürüv NEW Syrians in Turkey, taşındak with great hopes were finally ended in Elazığ. It was learned that 5 Syrian relatives started to work in vegetable gardens for 30 lira a week ago.
They came with the last hope for their families
It was learned that Abdullah Bargas (33), who died in a train accident, was married and his wife was 9 months pregnant and moved to Elazig to work 2 months ago after staying in Istanbul for one year. Bargas made a living for his wife, mother, sister and aunt with the money he earned by working in the garden of vegetables he started to work a week ago.
It was stated that Mervanoğlu Muhammed El Eşhap (31), who died in the same accident, was single and lived in Elazig for 2 year with his mother, brother and 1 nephews.
It was learned that Rami İbrahim El Eşhap (26) is married and has a father of 15 days. It was learned that El Eşhap, who moved to Elazig one year ago, worked as a daily worker in various jobs to support his wife, mother, wife and 15-day daughter, and started collecting tomatoes a week ago through his relatives.
It was learned that Kusay Salih (36), who died in the accident, was married and father of 2 daughters, and that his wife was pregnant with his third children. It was recorded that a daughter of Salih, who moved to Elazig one year ago, was receiving treatment at Fırat University.
It was learned that Casim Son Besil Ali (23), one of the people who died in the accident, moved to Elazig 5 months ago with his 2 sisters and 4 disabled brothers.

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