3. jet speed to the airport

  1. metro with jet speed at the airport: The transportation project of the metro line between Gayrettepe and Third Airport in Istanbul, Ahmet Arslan said that the construction projects of the metro line were over, and that they wanted to finish the line in a record time.
    Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, said the completion of the xnumx's so third airport, "everyone and everything to persist in the Republic of Turkey to grow with major projects, investing, will continue to increase the welfare of the people," he said.
    Arslan visited Istanbul New Airport site and received information from the authorities. Arslan Holding Chairman Nihat Ozdemir, CEO of Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) Airports, Mr. Sezai Bacaksız, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Limak Group, Mr. Mehmet Cengiz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cengiz Holding, and other managers welcomed Arslan.
    Prior to the site visit, a meeting was held with Minister Arslan and the accompanying bureaucrats and IGA and the consortium officials.
    President Tayyip Erdogan's vision, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in line with the goals shown for them to do with larger projects, voicing Arslan, the world's largest airport will be the largest airport in the world, said the flight will take place all over the world.
    The airport is a city even at the moment, 16 thousand people who work that expresses Arslan, this figure next year gave the 30 thousand said.
    2 billion euros spent
    Arslan, Gayrettepe-Third Airport on the question of when to start the construction of the metro line and the construction of a question on, ett Application projects are finished. 15 will be clarified by day. And we're going to tender. We want to finish the record in a record time. We put all our efforts in this regard. Ler
    Arslan, so far, the airport construction of the 27 is over, but the number of employees and work machines working every day will increase, things will accelerate further, he added.
    Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Limak Holding, said in his informative speech that they are aiming to finish the airport as fast as they can and commemorate them.
    Ir Our project is currently the world's largest project. 1500 employs a thousand people, including white collar 16. Ağır In the project, Özdemir said that the 2 bin 200 was operated with a heavy tonnage.
    Özdemir said, “For the first phase of the airport, we have invested 2 billion euros so far. This corresponds to the 27 of the business. Bu


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