3. New Deal for the airport

📩 28/10/2018 21:07

  1. new agreement for the airport: Boeing will provide Turkish authorities with airport and airspace modeling services.

The developer and operator of Boeing New Istanbul Airport, İGA Airport Management Inc. (İGA) announced that it has signed a new Technical Assistance Agreement.

With this agreement, Jeppesen, a subsidiary of Boeing, will share its solutions for Total Airport and Airspace Modeler (TAAM) to assist the General Directorate of IGA and State Airports Authority (DHMI). This group will support the development of the New Istanbul Airport airspace design, airport optimization program and operational preparation plan.

Boeing Turkey General Manager Ayşem winding Isil, "Turkey as a part of all investments in the infrastructure of the airspace, Istanbul in order to find the most effective operational concept for HDI and we look forward to working with SAE. By using our TAAM vehicle, we will support the New Istanbul Airport team, who will be able to demonstrate the impact of all our operational concepts and make the most informed decisions for the new airport. ”
The state-of-the-art Jeppesen TAAM analysis tools will be used with the İGA and DHMI teams to carry out studies that could potentially maximize New Istanbul Airport's runway operations and airspace overall capacity and competence. Providing security within the Regional Istanbul Terminal Control Area and minimizing the conflicts that may arise from the density of the airspace are another main element of the project.

A number of operational procedure alternatives will be simulated and analyzed by TAAM to assist the airspace and runway optimization process of the new airport. Following the successful delivery of Jeppesen's analysis, IGA and DHMI will be trained to use the TAAM solution by actively participating in the project, as well as the ability to run their own ongoing analysis projects.

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