3. 80 percent of locality at the airport

  1. 80 at the airport: XNUMX: The construction of Istanbul New Airport, which is pushing all the borders in domestic production and knocking at the door of the domestic manufacturer at every stage, is driving full throttle.
    210 80 10 247 1.3 100 3 7 24 500 XNUMX A total of XNUMX billion XNUMX million pounds of resources will be transferred to the new airport only luggage system, air radar system, X-ray devices, walking bands, escalators, bellows will be supplied from the 'foreign' due to the manufacturer's origin. XNUMX will be used in the architecture of the terminal building of million square meters; almost all of the stone, steel structure, glass and wood products are supplied from the domestic market. In addition, all fine work items such as wood products, benches, steel fabrications, roofing steel, glass will come from domestic industry. In order to support the local industry with some costs HDI breasts to the eye area, he met only with even more than XNUMX operating in Turkey around the stone supplier for the flooring. XNUMX continues to run XNUMX / XNUMX to open the doors more than a thousand machines from time to time. The Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) CEO Yusuf Akçayoğlu, who showed the progress in the construction of the new airport to the WORLD, said, Yusuf XNUMX will be laid on a thousand square meters of stone and we have seen this granite coating one by one. Floor coverings are very durable, hardness must be more than zero and water absorption rate is almost zero. marble granite in Turkey, but there are very few resources. We are now considering dividing all parts of the terminal by granite material from a certain city. Sivas, Giresun, Aksaray, Agri, Van, Afyon, Kirklareli, Nevsehir and so on. IGA also held several meetings with the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) on domestic use. Akçayoğlu said, bile This should be an industry that should contribute to local industry daha. He stated that they are forcing partnership with Turkish designers. In the meantime, not only for the economy, but also very fast in terms of the speed of the construction of the airport, referring to the speed of Akçayoğlu said, ekonomi We have combined the logic of the European and Turkish. In the open office, we made an arrangement that was appropriate for this work. Açık
    Gayrettepe metro line is critical
    Istanbul New Airport construction is being carried out on 76.5 million square meters. Dozens of trucks and crane machines are working the 24 clock buzz. Currently the giant construction is employing 16 thousand people. Currently, 28 of the airport construction is completed. So far 1 billion 800 million euro has been transferred to the resource. The airport is expected to be operational at 26 February 2018.
    Akçayoğlu, who visited the construction site, said, mes There is no problem at the moment. Transportation is very important as it is an integrated project,: says Gayrettepe-Airport metro line tender. 25 will be able to reach the airport from the most crowded area of ​​Istanbul in minutes. We are already doing our metro station in front of the car park. Metro construction can now be done quickly with new techniques. Suffice it to be done on time. We are very hopeful that Prime Minister Binali Yildirim is a name that comes from within the action. Biz In terms of transportation Halkalı- The D-20 new highway connection with the airport metro line will also be important. These transportation facilities need to reach the opening. Akcayoglu of Halkalı the metro is going heavy, the completion of the 2020 will find the year, he said. Akçayoğlu also stated that the Northern Marmara Motorway and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will facilitate access to the airport.
    The airport will have separate entrance to 7
    There will be an 7 entry at the new airport terminal. Iz People are afraid of the transportation inside the airport, but we need to think of the 7 as a terminal gibi, Akçayoğlu said, uy We will put the names of the airlines on every entrance. From the passenger viaduct to the terminal, you will know where to go. Therefore, there will be no problem finding directions. You already have the island of 13 check-in. Passenger flow is very important. Arriving passengers will make an entry from above, in a way that will see each side. Departures will be from below, dan he said. Airport hotel for passengers to transfer within the main terminal building.
    Stores run in Unifree DutyFree
    Istanbul New Airport's Duty Free stores will run Unifree DutyFree for 25 annually. Unifree DutyFree, the new airport will serve in the area of ​​53 thousand square meters. Unifree DutyFree aims to invest more than one 400 million euro by gathering more than 120 domestic and foreign luxury brands under one roof in Istanbul New Airport with its uncompromising architecture design.
    We will give priority to THY in CIP
    The new airport is already in demand for a number of airlines for the CIP lounge. Yusuf Akçayoğlu explains the intense demand with the following words: “Many airlines, especially Emirates airlines, have requested to make a CIP. Our priority will be Turkish Airlines. Of course, we're going to do positive discrimination here. Our biggest customer is THY. Already the trigger power under this project was the growth in THY. This infrastructure has emerged to make this growth sustainable. Bur
    Pilots make real estate investment in Göktürk
    The construction of the new airport has also created a certain economy in the environment. Employee staff in the neighborhood of the region for rent and looking for a home for sale. The closest settlement here is Göktürk. As such, many sector employees, mainly THY employees, started to make real estate investments in Göktürk.
    "Turkey will stand in aviation '
    HDI CEO Joseph Akcayoglu is that Turkey started to come forward and believe that the aviation sector in the economy also drag on the national economy. "Turkey will occur in a competitive aviation industry. For example, tourism in Greece, technology in Japan, Singapore, such as the deep water port has come forward. so rapid growth of aviation in Turkey, we display a black eyebrow above the world average performance does not come from our black eye. Our geopolitical position makes us competitive here. Transfer passengers can fly cheaper than this. We can arrive at developed economies, ie 60-2 hourly flights to 3 market. Gelişmiş
    'It was a rough land'
    Foreigners are already attracted to the new airport. Many ambassadors came to visit. . They're very curious about the construction and they're watching it. Meanwhile, there is a lot of interest in the foreign press. They focus on the most environmental issues. We talk about them one by one and convince them. Oğlu Yusuf Akçayoğlu says that this region is a very disturbed land. . People don't know that, Ak says Akçayoğlu. They think we're destroying the forest here. There is absolutely no such thing. There are Google maps from 1985 to date. You see the formation of lakes by years. He digs, carves the ground, rains, or sets the groundwater ground; and there's a puddle. There's only ear tea here. We have provided an aborted, idle place to the economy. That's a great vision. Istanbul also take the center of pain here, we will be relieved. ağ
    Main Terminal Building Rising
    Yusuf Akçayoğlu, the CEO of İGA, also showed the DÜNYA newspaper team in the passenger lounge. Waiting seats, walkers, planes showing the landing-departure times, all details are ready. 28 of the project has been completed so far. 374 million cubic meters of excavation was done in the construction site was filled 105 million cubic meters. The main terminal building with an annual capacity of 76,5 million passengers has started to rise in the first phase of the giant construction site with a total area of ​​90 million square meters.
    At the new airport;
  • Fly to 350 destination
  • Airport will run 24 hours
  • 210 will employ a thousand people
  • 1500 will be landing-take-off per day
  • 200 will serve million passengers
  • Turkish architecture will be inspired


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