3.Airport 70 Million To Serve The Passenger!

3.Airport 70 Million Will Serve for Passengers: 3.
General Director of State Airports Authority (DHMI) Serdar Huseyin Yildirim, the iftar dinner before the meeting found important explanations about the agenda. Work at the new airport 'going on the road' voicing Lightning, construction activities ahead of the planned, he said. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, 'the airport will open in 26 February 2018' in line with the statement that they made every effort and serious work they have done attention Yıldırım, the first phase of the new airport will provide service with two pist said. Lightning, two independent parallel tracks in the first place and will be a terminal capacity of 90 million, stating, ı Anyone at a time 90 million passengers think it will come, but it is not so. My opinion is that we will reach the number of 70 million passengers. 3. we can see a certain increase in 2019 after the runway has been opened. pist
Yildirim, the opening of the new airport in the air space to live in the Bulgarian and Romania about the intensity of the interview with the attention, especially in this situation is ready for Bulgaria and expressed the satisfaction of the air traffic. Arranging the approach system for the new airport 'Boeing Jeppersen' company, which explains the participation of the coordination on the Yildirim, the company not only design of airspace, navigation aids, radars, such as the airport will provide support for all the devices that will provide, he said. Yildirim, the basic work for the new tower, he said.
DHMİ General Manager Yildirim said that the end of the works carried out in order to prevent the malicious use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Lightning, "not interfere with the airport borders are intervening systems are interfering. The tests I participated in were very successful. Benim
Yildirim, Hakkari Yüksekova airport operations during the operation of the armed forces were not closed, but only stopped the civilian flights here, he said. Yıldırım said that helicopters and ambulance aircraft were transported for transportation of wounded people, so they kept the airports open for 24 hours.


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