3. Airport 26 launches on February 2018

  1. 26 2018 7 2014 3 28 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX % XNUMX part of the airport project is completed.
    As part of the project, the first passenger lounge, which was built as an example, was completed. In this hall, there are details such as waiting chairs, escalators and electronic boards showing the landing times of planes. When the project is completed, the annual capacity of 200 million passengers will be transferred to the other side of the airport as part of the ground correction work.
    374 million cubic meters of excavation and 105 million cubic meters of landfill and 76,5 million square meters of project area located in the construction site of the annual capacity of the main terminal building planned to be 90 million continues. 18.000 1 is located in 300 car parking lot with a parking lot. The roof area will be 450.000 square meters, 500 square meters of façade area will be 1 million cubic meters of concrete at the terminal, 180.000 tons of iron will be used.
    Hundreds of machines are working in the newly built airport area. At the construction site, 2.200 trucks transport approximately 1 million cubic meters of soil per day from the excavation area to the area to be filled. There are 60 construction machines, including 252 tower cranes, 124 excavators, 57 cylinders, 60 graders, 101 articulated trucks, 23 dozers, 57 mobile cranes, 18 wheel loaders, 70 concrete pumps and 3.022 concrete mixers. As of May, 16.000 people are working on the construction site. This number is expected to rise to 30.000 in the following period.
    According to the plans prepared 3. the airport is expected to be completed in 4 phase. In the first phase, the main terminal building, the main air traffic control tower, a large runway where A380 planes can land, airplane area park, hangar, cargo, warehouse, catering, support facilities, indoor parking areas. In the second phase, the 1 air traffic control tower, the runway and taxiways that a new A380 airplanes can land. A new air traffic tower, a new runway and terminal buildings between the passenger carrying systems will be made in the third phase of construction. In the fourth phase, which is the last phase, a satellite terminal building and a new runway will be built. Airport 26 February 2018 is scheduled to open after completion of the first phase.

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