Receives TSI Certificate to VA-KO SGNSS Type Freight Car

VA-KO Receives TSI Certificate for SGNSS Type Cargo Wagon: VAKO –Vagon Container Industry. Tic. Inc. Agency, by signing an important step in opening up to Europe, first in the private sector TSI is certified with the quality of container wagons took SGNSS wagon type certificate in Turkey. Low tare SGNSS type of freight wagons, high capacity and 10 ", 20", 30 "and 40" 'Health is the advantage of using different types of containers both in Europe as well as in sound goal of bringing in Turkey VAKO, it will continue to make a difference in the railway sector He gave his signals. Working with German DEKRA Rail Nobo company during the certification process, VAKO took its place in the country's railway industry and international market with the ability to produce at European standards as a result of detailed and disciplined audits.

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  1. Congratulations to VA-KO ... There are also subsidiaries of DMY, which received the certificate in question. Rather than certification, quality production with safe economic transportation and correct and healthy performance of all tests show the level of success. Technical acceptance of TCDD is directly proportional to the consciousness of the staff. manufacturing and operation should be evaluated after 40 years