Turkey's first railway museum in the Sirkeci Train Station

Turkey's first railway museum in Sirkeci Station: Sirkeci Train Station in Istanbul's historic buildings, is hosting the Railway Museum. Turkey's first railway museum opened 11 years ago, more than 400 parts are kept. The museum welcomes its visitors with the belongings of Orient Express.

It is the beginning of Rumeli Railways and the end point of railways from Europe. Sirkeci Station is the address of separation and reunification, which is the subject of poetry for books. It comes to light in the Railways Museum, which is located in the history of the station.

The belongings of the famous Orient Express and used during the expedition at the museum section of the station welcome visitors here. Opened in 2005, the museum has the title of Istanbul's first Railway Museum, displaying about 400 historical monuments of the Thrace line.

In Orient Express, it is possible to see all kinds of items used by railroads in the museum. These include silverware, typewriters, telephones and telegrams, and ticket cabinets.

The station bell belonging to the 19th century Anatolian - Ottoman Railway company, and the 20th century heritage platform clock and memorial medals belonging to the last time of the train are among the remarkable works of the museum.

The Istanbul Railway Museum is also bringing the first electric commuter train, which started its journey in 1955, to its enthusiasts. The museum, where examples of the old train building of Istanbul is exhibited, is visited by many local and foreign people every year. Most of the visitors of the Railway Museum in Sirkeci, where 70 thousand people visit annually, are foreign tourists.

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