Turkey Wagon Industry Personnel performing

Turkey Wagon Industry Personnel performing: realizes the scope of recruitment ads published by Turkey Wagon Industry.

A new advertisement has been published on the official website of the State Personnel Presidency. published within the scope of this posting, Turkey Wagon will be staffing information has been shared within the industry. In accordance with the relevant announcement, all information regarding the personnel who would like to apply for applications will be listed below.

All persons who will apply for advertisements must have the qualifications and terms of the relevant announcement. Otherwise, the applications will not be received. All applicants are required to submit these qualifications.

Get to staff: Former injured provisions degree invalids will not be counted in the fight against terrorism or the Ad requests will be carried out through Turkey Business Council. The relevant application process will be carried out according to the provisions of the Regulation on Procedures and Principles to be Applied to the Public Institutions and Institutions for the Exemption of Former Convicts or Persons who are ineligible to Fight in Terrorism.

Candidates who meet the demand conditions can make their applications within 10 days of the announcement. Candidates can apply from Sakarya Labor and Employment Agency Provincial Branch Directorate or http://www.iskur.gov.tr they can do it at.

Profession: Electrical Technician

Staff: 1 People

Education Information: It is necessary to graduate from Secondary Education Electrical / Electronic - Electrical / Electronic Technology departments.

Deadline: 14 May 2016

CLICK HERE for Ad Guide.

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