RGNS produced in TÜDEMSAŞ at the disposal of the Armed forces (Video)

RGNS, produced in TÜDEMSAŞ, is at the disposal of the Armed Forces: The storm howitzers were shipped with the platform-type freight wagon, which can be used in many areas with different types of cargo, produced in TÜDEMSAŞ.

16 storm howitzer shipped by rail from Tekirdag, armored vehicle, Gaziantep, Syria's border with Islahiye reached the border.

In Islahiye, which is adjacent to Syria's PYD-controlled Afrin region, security measures on the border line continue to be increased. In recent days, the armored vehicle reinforced Islahiye'ya today from the Mechanized Infantry Brigade from Tekirdag Mechanically dispatched 16 Storm hatchet reached the district of Islahiye in Gaziantep. The storm howitzers arriving at the railway station and a wide range of security measures were taken over the wagons, were taken to Islahiye 106's Topçu Regiment Command with the escort of the police teams.


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