Transport sector in France goes on strike

Transport sector in France goes on strike: In France, where the actions continue, aviation and railway workers announced that they have decided to go on strike indefinitely.

While the fuel shortage in France within the scope of the new labor law protests continues, the country faces a new wave of strikes.

In a statement issued by the French National Pilot Union, the new labor law announced that an indefinite strike was voted in the aviation industry in June as part of protests. The exact timing of the strike was not specified.

Civil aviation unions announced last week that they will go on a major strike on June 2-5.

On the other hand, the French National Railways (SCNF) announced that they will go on strike indefinitely from tomorrow night.


SCNF has the power to continue strikes until July 11.

In France, where there is already a shortage of gasoline with strikes, both airline and rail transport will be severely disrupted.


It is stated that tourists coming for the European Football Championship that will start on June 10 will be heavily affected by the wave of strikes.

The draft tensions between labor unions and the government since the end of March have almost reached the point of life paralysis in France in the past week.


Due to the actions in the refineries, finding petrol in many cities has become anguish, vehicle owners have created long queues in front of the petrol stations, while in some regions only 20 liters per vehicle have been introduced.

Due to the lack of gasoline in the country, France opened its strategic reserves.

If the draft bill is approved, the maximum daily working hours of 10 will be increased to 12 hours, employees who want to make changes to the employment contract can be fired, the minimum working time of the employees with part time of 24 hours will be reduced, and less payments can be made in overtime.

Trade unions and workers' organizations say the government will withdraw the bill, otherwise they will not back down.

The bill will come before the Senate on 8 June. Unions are planning to put pressure on the government by this time.

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