Tram is derailed in Kony

Tram in derya derailed: Alaaddin-Kampus expedition tram, Alaaddin Boulevard derailed. Teams arriving at the scene in a short time, after placing the tram on the rails again normalized voyages.

The tram 4255, which runs along the Aladdin-Campus route, derailed at Alaaddin station.

After the passengers were lowered, the tram was tried to be re-installed by the teams.

After the tram was placed on the rails, the flights returned to normal.


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  1. 1) Dear Redaction Members; instead of repeating the same things, the location of the words in the sentence and the partial structure of the sentence, instead of repeating the sentence, it is also a pleasure to read it first if you think the sentence and set it up correctly.
    2) The most important question and the most wondered point by our readers is the cause of the event! If it is about it, there is no explanation, no illuminator!
    3) It is fixed: a Guide-Way / Rail-System Vehicle-Tool does not come off the track while standing under NORMAL conditions.
    4) Otherwise, the parent class name could not be zaten Guide-Way X. This is not a dead end (DeRailment) (amaz Abnormal status!). Here's the dangerous side of the job: (a) there is a breakdown in vehicle walking gear, a fault, (b) an obstacle on the road, a hard object (c) on the road.
    5) In this case: (1) lack of control, (2) maintenance-repair failure, (3) not considered, an abnormal condition not included in the scenario, (4) all of them, (5) the smallest of all (6), most likely, negligible abnormal condition ( extraordinary worst case (XNUMX) unexplained catastrophic case
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    7) Passengers / Citizenship Hk. It must be informed, because the citizen has this right, this right is reserved!