Trambus Lobby Works Well

TRAMBUS lobby Good Works: The first and only Malatya Municipality's use of public transport in Turkey, where the much discussed "TRAMBUS Project", Science, Industry and Technology Ministry Efficiency Metropolitan ceremony organized by the General Directorate of the Municipality which give incentive awards were reported.

today's version of the trolley that removes the transportation 10 years ago of big cities in Turkey, and "TRAMBUS Project", further away from the tender held without a single manufactured example, passed in manufacturing and manufacturing conditions after starting to make municipal payments to, yet before sales technical tests, price, Malatya It was discussed a lot since the cancellation of the high-speed interchange projects required for safe transportation on the routes in which it was operated.

Despite criticism of TRAMBUS project, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey produces trambü is the first and only user in the company had been left almost alone in the lobby and also face response that it had undertaken the marketing. The Metropolitan Municipality of öv attracted İ or even adına attracted İstanbul because it is not leaving an alternative, the company has contributed to the marketing efforts on behalf of the trambus, a time ago in the workshop, trambüse praised on behalf of the Istanbul IETT an official who attended the name, Istanbul He also said that his agenda was trambus. Then, IETT officials said that the words X ricle made imiz talked about, so the trambus never get on the agenda of the IETT, recently announced that the new transport to public transport 1000.

Despite all this, the effective operation of the marketing TRAMBUS lobby, just Malatya Municipality's choice award that brought encourage municipalities for TRAMBUS in Turkey.

Regarding the award, the following information was published in the bulletin published by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality:

X Productivity Awards Ceremony, organized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, General Directorate of Productivity, was held in Ankara Chamber of Commerce, Congresium, on Monday April, 25.

At the ceremony, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality received the Incentive Award with the Trambus Project.

In the statement made by the Press and Public Relations Department of the Metropolitan Municipality; Malatya Metropolitan Municipality's award was given by Mayor Ahmet Çakır, Minister Fikri Işık.

Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Cakir, in his evaluation following the award ceremony, "Trombus Project in a competition organized for efficiency has won us with the Encouragement Award," he said.

President Çakır, üs As we have expressed at every opportunity, according to the feasibility studies we made, Trambus was the most suitable system for Malatya. 75 saving, environmentally friendly, fast, comfortable and other features were effective in deciding.

Since the day of its inauguration, our citizens have shown great interest in trambuses. Today, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, the General Directorate of Efficiency in the Productivity Award Ceremony, the Incentive Award for both our Municipality and Malatya has a great importance. I am delighted to receive the award. Ödül

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