The neglect of tramway works in Izmit

In Izmit, the negligence of the tramway was dying: concrete was poured into the Alikahya region as part of the tram works in Izmit

In the region where no measures were taken, a woman named Özden Önür fell into the concrete in the evening. 2-meter saved the woman who was about to drown in the pit


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, 2017 announced that the operation will continue to work for the tram continues. Izmit Sekapark and the bus station that will serve between the bus station works for the construction of the bus station began. Extending the roads in the region, especially Yahya Kaptan Mahallesi, the municipality rolled up its sleeves to lay the tram rails in the Fatih district and the first rails were assembled in recent weeks.


To mount the rails, first the foundation kazanThen the Metropolitan Municipality, which poured concrete, left almost everything blank for the rapid progress of the work. The municipality, which does not want to waste time by taking precautions in the region, continues its works open to the public. This dangerous situation caused a disaster in the past days. Before the concrete poured by the municipality had dried, a woman fell into it, escaping at the last moment from drowning.


Izmit Alikahya Fatih Mahallesi Yellow Mimoza Street on the last week in the evening around the 20.00 waters want to go home in the women's name, unaware that the woman was walking around in a moment that the new poured concrete pit fell. The woman, who fell into the pit of the 2 meter, fluttered for a long time and asked for help. The unfortunate woman, who had been liberated from the concrete pit by a couple who fled from the environment by chance, could not make it through the long-term shock. The people of the environment reacted to the authorities.

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