Kars Will Be The Crossing Point, Heart Of Europe And Asia

Kars, Europe and Asia Will Be The Crossing Point, The Heart: Underlining that the liberalization of trade with Iran creates new opportunities for Kars-Ardahan-Iğdır, especially the border provinces, Sabi Yiğit said, “Iran has a frozen $ 100 billion asset. With the abolition of sanctions, 30-50 billion dollars of these assets will be released. As a country, we must definitely get a share from this investment. ”

President of the KAI Foundation Sabri Yigit, who underlined the fact that the liberalization of trade with Iran has created new opportunities for Kars-Ardahan-Igdir, especially the border provinces, said:-Iran has a frozen 100 billion dollars. With the abolition of sanctions, the 30-50 billion dollar part of these assets will be released. As a country, we need to take a share of this investment dan.

Emphasizing the importance of establishing investment delegations between the two countries, Yiğit said, “Infrastructure investments in Iran are a new market for Turkish contractors. Likewise, collaborations can be developed in the oil derivatives and chemical industry. But I most will carry us into the future, Turkey's most emigration to the provinces of Kars-Ardahan-Iğdır I think it opened a new and lasting era. For this, importance should be given to the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line project. When the railway project is implemented, it will be possible to carry uninterrupted cargo from Europe to China by rail. This is also an opportunity for Iran. ” Kars Kars Ardahan Iğdır Development Foundation President and DIGICOM Group Chairman Sabri Yiğit said, “Within the framework of the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway project, it is aimed to carry 1 million 500 thousand passengers and 3 million tons of cargo per year”; He stated that in 2034, it is aimed to carry 3 million 500 thousand passengers and 16 million 500 thousand tons of cargo annually through this line.

Indicating that the tourism sector will come to life with Iranian tourists with the lifting of the embargo to Iran, Yiğit said, “I think the biggest mobility will be experienced in the tourism sector. I believe that with the completion of the tourism infrastructure in the region, many more tourists will come to the region due to the cultural proximity from Iran. In this way, the tourism capacity of the border provinces increases by 50 percent. ”

For this, importance should be given to the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line project. When the railway project is implemented, it will be possible to carry uninterrupted cargo from Europe to China by rail. This is also an opportunity for Iran. ” When viewed from the back; The Caspian region and Central Asia to Europe via Turkey, which will perform the connection Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) voicing Yigit not have any transportation projects of railway projects; this project is a project of brotherhood and strengthening together, he said.

Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan-passing through Turkmenistan "Rail-Road Combined Transport" with Central Asia, connecting the Mediterranean Sea and Central Asia with the introduction of an important position in Turkey made transit, that the ancient Silk Road of the development of a historic opportunity to Kars voiced Yiğit; "Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev said that Asia and Europe should rediscover each other (BTK) railway project is important," he said.

This day Turkey, Georgia, Armenia; To the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan via Georgia; It has become inaccessible to Ukraine, Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan) and China via the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan. railway transportation between Turkey and Iran, Central Asia and China is carried out. Saying Yiğit, he underlined that the (BTK) railway project will open all commercial and humanitarian doors, bringing the days of peace and brotherhood, the dream of the region closer.

S.BIRİKİM: Can you give information about the workshop to be held in Istanbul in May, including the Istanbul KAI Development Foundation?

S.YİĞİT: We have been shaping this workshop for a long time. “We will conduct a 3-day workshop in Kars with Kars, Ardahan and Iğdır Governorates, SERKA, Mayors, Chamber Presidents and non-governmental organizations, and examine the Kars - Tbilisi railway development and what will be exported to Asian countries from the Aktaş border gate. value-added industrial products of Turkey, the Caucasus and Asian countries will reach out to Kars how we perform on-site rehearsals, "he said.

This realization of our dream for Turkey Exporters Association from all public and private sector, to vurgulat the importance of trade to be made to Asian countries out of Kars and will strive to ownership of this issue. When they told everyone we can in this way contribute to Turkey, Kars and the environment becomes a center of trade, will the influx of domestic and foreign tourists and tourism revenues will increase shaped table in front of us. My dream and my claim about Kars being the gateway to the world are also very big.

Once commercial life takes shape and economic development begins, Kars' local tastes will find its place in trade. If the demand increases, then it is possible to establish the Organic Products Organized Industrial Zone. On the other hand, investments such as Aviation and Goose breeding will also accelerate.

S.BİRİKİM: We, as Serhat Birikim newspaper, would like to share the content of this Workshop with the public, especially the businessmen of Kars Ardahan Iğdırlı.

S. YİĞİT: In fact, I emphasize what the content will be. We are assertive about creating investments and opportunities for the development of this region. But there is always no use to telling the same things to our own people or our own fellow citizens. What is important is to turn the business world into Kars and invest. For that, we have to tell ourselves. The aim of the workshop is to shape how we can describe ourselves. We will be successful if politicians and even businessmen who have no henchmen on our behalf talk.

I S.BİRİK: Workshop Only Kars, Ardahan, is Iğdır'l businessmen will participate, if you will invite Turkey's province of a few? Is there an invitation from across the border?

S. YİĞİT: We started to work for this workshop at least 6 months ago. One day, a lot has changed in Turkey to date. The day when the idea of ​​the workshop was put forward and today's reality is different, some speeches were made before the November 1 elections. I was in Kars in August 2015 and we started working at that time. Conditions have changed over time. With the choices, the shapes of the plans took different dimensions. Terrorism in particular led to the withdrawal of all those coming to the region from outside. During this period, the Aktaş border gate was opened, and we planned the route of what could be done accordingly.

If we look at things to be done in this region only for the development of Kars Ardahan Iğdır, it would be wrong. "Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway project" Turkey's economy and exports will take a big way. We are one of the countries with the highest export costs. This hinders our economy. It takes 9 weeks for your property to depart from Istanbul to reach the Asian and African region. The costs are very high. But when you become a logistics center in Kars, Turkey's exports and therefore the economy will grow. I am not talking about chimney factories to be established in Kars. However, if the producers in Istanbul can provide transportation from Aktaş border gate through Kars, if investments are made to install the parts coming from Istanbul on Kars, then the investor will make a profit with this train line, which is low cost and short term.

S. BİRİKİM: The forum will be held within the scope of Istanbul 2023 and you will be attending the 4.0 session of Industry as a speaker. Do you talk about the train line and the Aktas border crossing?

Q. YİĞİT: Forum 2023 will come prepared to work in all areas of assessment and positioning in Turkey, one of the leading names in the field shared their predictions platforms. On 5th and 6th of May, it will be a forum where Deputy Prime Minister Lütfi Elvan will make the opening speech and then the important names of the state and business life. The topic I will talk about here is the developing technologies and changing production processes in the world. In other words, our subject will be to capture value added production advantages in a changing world.

In this context, technological and industrial revolution will be spoken at the meeting in Turkey. But as I said already it is directly related to the economic development of the economy of Turkey. In Turkey, the process has to evolve in line with projected strong regional economies and conjuncture.

Q. BIRIKIM: What are the main topics in the workshop?

S. YİĞİT: As I have explained from the beginning of our speech, the development of the regional economy is our first goal. this will be reflected directly in Kars, Turkey's economy is already developing the region's economy. This is an undeniable fact. We need to create opportunities for the solution of economic problems and to be able to explain the culture of tolerance to everyone, especially in our region. I made attempts to come to Kars with many companies that can invest in this region and to examine what can be done on site. However, the name of the Kars region is now considered equivalent to the region with security problems. We should not allow this to be done to our region. Our region can never be a region with a mentality that can be identified with terrorism. Now we know this very well.

The real problem is to be able to tell everyone and make everyone say.

That's when one of the front can not close our province, Turkey's exports of value-added will do and understand the importance of trade to the world from here and you have to accept it. Our workshop will work to adoption everyone in Turkey this situation before everything our region.

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