The danger of the ropeway

The transport of people from Black Sea is a danger of primitive ropeways: the primitive ropeways used in the Eastern Black Sea, which provide great convenience in the transport of agricultural products, bring danger to people.

Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Rize Branch President Metin Bıçakçı said that thousands of primitive ropeways are in the Eastern Black Sea region.

Bıçakçı stated that approximately 20 thousand primitive ropeways are in the region, fer Approx. One thousand 10 thousand of 10 thousand cable cars in Rize have been applied to the line. Others have attracted the citizens with their own means. Diğer

Arriving in the beautiful ropeways, agricultural products, as well as human and animal transport is also expressed that Bıçakçı, noted that the standards of the cable cars.

Bıçakçı emphasizes that people use the ropeways nicely, ı The ropeways do not have any cabins. Unfortunately, our citizens think of 'our business is seen' with the primitive ropeways. People and animals cannot be transported by primitive ropeways. With the ropeways only the cargo can be transported. The load must be carried under a certain weight when it is to be carried. The ropeways must have an enclosed cabin. In

The Chamber of Mechanical Engineers stated that since the 2006 they had been working on primitive ropeways, Bıçakçı said, fer These ropeways must have at least a minimum standard. Every lift should be in charge. Not easy. 10 is a close to a thousand primitive ropeway. It is not easy to bring them to a standard. Maybe a social project. Improvement of the ropeways is important. T

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