Samsun-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line Description

Exciting Explanation for Samsun-Ankara High Speed ​​Line: Explanation of high speed train from AK Party Samsun Provincial President Muharrem Göksel. When will the high speed train between Samsun and Ankara be built?

Muharrem Göksel, the Provincial Chairman of the Justice and Development Party, made important statements about the high speed train project between Samsun and Ankara.

AK Party Samsun Provincial Chairman Muharrem Göksel visited Samsun Kent News General Manager and Internet Media Informatics Federation Samsun Provincial Representative Haydar Öztürk together with the provincial board members. During his visit, Göksel made important statements regarding the removal of immunity, high speed train, terrorism and Samsun.

Muharrem Goksel, Samsun-Ankara, said in a statement about the project of the high-speed train project in the government program within the scope of the 2023 targets.

Muharrem Göksel pointed out that despite the fact that the high-speed train line between Samsun and Ankara is within the scope of the 2023 targets, the project is to be completed until the 2019 elections.

“Our Minister of Transport mentioned the high speed train from Samsun to Ankara. In fact, this high-speed train is not a high-speed train between Samsun and Ankara, it is a high-speed train from Samsun to Ceyhan. We will get on here, we will go to Kırıkkale, if we want to go to Ankara, we will go to Ankara. At the same time, this train will go to Sivas. All high speed trains in Turkey will be active. This is a project until 2023. We would like to train the high-speed train line project between Samsun and Ankara until the 2019 elections.



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