Road Renewal Between Kemal-Alp Line Section Analysis

Investigation on the Line Section Between Kemal-Alp, Renovated Road: TCDD 4. Regional Director H. Ahmet Şener examined the road renovation works between Kemah and Alp.

TCDD 4 Regional Director H. Ahmet Sener in his review; Road Service Manager İsmail Karahan and Road Controller Metin Kepek received information about needs, job and worker health, machinery and equipment status.

Road Service Manager İsmail Karahan has recently announced that the road that was completed in 1988 was renewed with UIC 60 rail and HM Type B 70 Traverses; he said.

Also; Occupational health and safety trainings were given by OHS experts by ensuring that the personnel assigned in the road renewal work stay in healthy conditions in the modern prefabricated buildings established at the construction sites.

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