Rail System Students Prepare to Go to Romania

Rail System Students Are Preparing to Go to Romania: Şehit Kemal Özalper Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School has been to Bucharest, Romania, with its project named "Implementation Training on Signalization Maintenance in Rail Systems in Europe", which was accepted within the framework of 2015 European Union Vocational Training Program ERASMUS + Projects. getting ready to go.

Martyrs Kemal Özalper the project Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, the European Union Education and Youth Programs Center of the National Agency of Turkey by 1494 ERASMUS + overall project application, took part in 209 projects worth supporting. 15 students will participate in the mobility activity, which can be called inter-country internship and study visit for students who are receiving basic vocational education in the field of rail systems. Project Coordinator Fikret Nurettin Kapudere gave information about the activities of the Center for European Union Education and Youth Programs and the Lifelong Learning Program. Kapudere said, “ERASMUS + is a program carried out to support and develop the policies of EU member and candidate countries towards vocational education. This program aims to improve the quality of vocational education systems and practices, to encourage innovations and to raise the European dimension by using cooperation between countries. Our project is a project of providing professional development to our students in the field of rail systems technology, who are receiving basic vocational training in our institution, with theoretical and practical training on signalization maintenance in rail systems for 2 weeks. With the accession processes of Romania, which joined the European Union on January 1, 2007, we will try to get an idea about the change in railways, the integration of the country's railways into the EU, the problems it has experienced after its membership, and solution proposals.

Kapudere stated that the quality of education is an extremely important issue. Kapuder said, "When Turkey in the largest causal agent in the resulting rail accidents in recent years believed that signaling and the mistakes made in the signaling maintenance, it is possible to have any information about the quality of education. In this way, individuals who will be employed in the future and have such a project experience can contribute to increase the quality of signaling and bring the quality of the service to the desired level. The main purpose of our project is to increase the employment opportunities of our students as competent intermediate staff certified by vocational education abroad. "We aim that our students, who will participate in our project and have the opportunity to receive vocational education abroad, will contribute to the development of railway services in our country as competent intermediate personnel after they become employed."



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