German Railways Open to Driverless Cars

German Railways Open up to Driverless Cars: German Railway Operator Deutsche Bahn (DB), the German State Railways, applied to manage a fleet of driverless cars. The details are in our news.

Large-scale companies, which are called daha big companies “around the world, serve as general company policy for many other branches except for the main establishment purposes.

Samsung, Google, etc. In the world where we can mainly offer companies, there are undoubtedly many companies involved in driverless automobile technologies, which are described as the technology of the future.

Google, Ford, Tesla, Chrysler, Porsche etc. In addition to the world's leading company in technology, automobiles, the German Rail Operator Deustche Bahn (DB) is now taking the focus of driverless automobile technologies.

Railway Company Gets Driverless Cars Fleet

DB Chairman Ruediger, according to the news in Reuters, told the German newspaper WirtschaftsWoche that the safety and comfort of the passengers is a priority and in this context, it is vital for them to provide the technology of the future to their customers.

Ruediger stated that he had the idea that non-driver cars would prevail in the future like everyone else and he said that as a Railway Operator, they should adapt to this tendency in road transport.

It is stated that the focus of the DB on driverless automobile technologies is the passenger carrying capacity of the 42.5, which is relatively low.

It is not known whether a railway operator can reach the same market share when technology and many automobile companies are working on driverless automobile technologies. however, we assume that companies understand the importance of hosting a Chairman of the Board of Directors that adapts to evolving conditions.


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