Plant and animal population study on the third bridge route

Plant and animal population study on the third bridge route: A 'baseline' study was carried out on the Northern Marmara Highway Project and connection roads, and animal population and plant diversity studies were conducted in the project area.

ICA statement, baseline study of the animal population and vegetation in the project area
The current status data will be subtracted from the ESIA. Ice Quality and Environment Director Alper Baysal, located ESIA study of the project to the Ministry of the Environment acquis and Turkey in accordance with International ESIA acquis prepared by AECOM company he said. Baysal said, yap All the environmental and social aspects of the mentioned connection roads are evaluated and the report and issues to be considered and improvement factors and how these will be done will be stated. Thus, it is aimed that the work done with the least effect is sustainable. Flora and Fauna (Animal Population and Vegetation), Social Effects, Air Quality, Water Quality, Noise and Dust, Visual Effects and Archeology will be made possible to take measures related to operation and construction period with noise and air quality models during the process. " said.

Baysal stated that a public information meeting was held in February and local people were informed about the project and the additional roads to be delivered to the public villages, official institutions and public authorities. Toplantı Spring is the appropriate season for animal population and vegetation study. and the beginning of the summer project in the current project area before the start of the construction process "Baseline" Study was made the current situation. It will be used in the ESIA studies to be done by subtracting the current situation data. Mevcut

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