ÖYK approved changes in the zoning plan of İzmir Freight Port area

The AGB approved the zoning plan changes for the Izmir Freight Port area: the Board approved the master zoning plan and the implementation zoning plan for the TCDD Izmir Freight Port area.

Privatization High Council (PHC), the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate of Izmir Business Cargo has approved master plans and development plans of changes for the harbor area.

The decisions of ÖYK on the subject were published in the Official Gazette.

Accordingly, based on the letter of the Privatization Administration (ÖİB), the Board approved the Board's approval for the zoning plan and the zoning plan amendment, and the review of those related to the Metropolitan Zoning Regulation and elevation related to the plan, It accepted the objections related to the determination of the transformer location, the regulation of the function area distribution, and it rejected the other objections. It was decided to approve the change of master zoning plan and implementation zoning plan, which brought the “Cruise Port Area, Port Service Area, Official Institution Area, Parking Area, Park and Road” usage decisions.

The Board also removed the accommodation facility in the logistics facility area, explaining the usage of the sea area, organizing the impressions, reducing the height in the port area and reducing the height of the port area, as a result of the evaluation of the objections made in the suspension process regarding the approved zoning plan and the implementation zoning plan regarding the İzmir Cargo Port area. he decided to accept objections to commercial units and to reject other objections. The Board approved the master zoning plan and implementation zoning plan amendment for İzmir Cargo Port area for the purpose of making “Port Area, Logistics Facility Area, Road” usage decisions.

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