The number of rail system vehicles in Izmir is increasing day by day

The number of rail system vehicles in İzmir is increasing day by day: The first 3 tram vehicles assembled in Adapazarı are counting the days to come to İzmir. Production of 95 new İzmir Metro vehicles continues at full speed in China. With the İZBAN sets, the number of rail system vehicles in İzmir reaches 439.

Karşıyaka While the first 38 of the 3 vehicles that will work on the Izmir Metro and Konak tram lines are counting days to come to Izmir after the type tests process, the production of 182 subway vehicles, which will increase the fleet of Izmir Metro to 95, is at the factory in China. It continues under the supervision of the technical staff of the company. When all sets take their place on the rails in Izmir, the Izmir Metro will begin to serve with a fleet of 182 vehicles. With the existing 219 wagons of Izmir Suburban System IZBAN, the number of vehicles serving in the rail system in Izmir will reach 439.


The 38 tramway vehicle at the Eurotem factory in Adapazarı will work with the 12,6 km Fahrettin Altay-Halkapınar and the Mavişehir-Alaybey lines of the 8.8 kilometer. The first 3 tram set, which has been completed for the whole production process, will be ready to be sent to İzmir after the type tests are completed. In the middle of this year, the 12 set will end. The remaining 23 set will be on the tracks early next year. Trams will begin to provide public transportation services on the completed tram line.


The first division of the 95 set Izmir Metro fleet, which consists of 19 wagons, which are produced in the world's largest factory in China, will start to be in İzmir since September. The cost of sets that cost 79,8 million Euros (approx. 255 million TL) will be on the tracks until the middle of 2017. Thus, İzmir Metro will grow its fleet more than twice as soon as possible. The production processes of the tram and subway sets, which are produced as a result of working for months, are followed up by the technical team of İzmir Metro.

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