Izmit, not enough information about the tram

Izmit, the tram does not have enough information about: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is still the largest and most difficult project in Izmit, undoubtedly the Tramway Project.

If there is no disruption in the works, Izmit Tramway, called "Akçaray", will start to carry passengers between Sekapark-Otogar in February 256, 2017 days after today.

The issue of the tram was widely discussed in this city since the local elections in March in 2014. It's been discussed a lot. The ongoing construction is affecting the lives of many people in this city. However, many people living in this city do not know enough about the Tram project.

We have ordered a survey on the tram to AREDA (Research Education Consultancy) company operating in Izmit, we are publishing the results of the scientific survey conducted by interviewing 5 respondents who live in Izmit between 10-1062 May face to face. The company AREDA, which prepared the survey, is extremely assertive about the scientific and reliability of this study. During this survey, we asked some questions to the people of Izmit about the traffic problem.

In the survey conducted by AREDA for our newspaper, one of the questions asked to Izmit residents is "Do you think there is a traffic problem in Kocaeli city center?" there was a question. 31.9 percent of the respondents answered "No" to this question. 62.6 percent of Izmit people think that there is a big traffic problem in the city center, while 5.5 percent think that there is a partial traffic problem in the city center. So roughly 70 percent of people living in Izmit are disturbed by the traffic problem in the city center. There is no such problem for the 30 percent segment.

In AREDA's survey, "Is there a traffic problem in Izmit?" Those who answered "Yes" to the question were asked about the reasons for this problem. The results are not surprising. 35.1 percent of adults living in Izmit think that the main cause of the traffic problem is "excessive vehicles". The rate of those who answer this question as "narrow roads" is 26.7%, the rate of those who say "parking insufficiency" is 9.4%. 6.9% of the people of Izmit. cites the lack of supervision as the cause of the traffic problem in the city center. Those who say “The number of public buses and municipal buses is too many” is 6.4%. 5.4 percent of Izmit people said, “There is a lot of roadworks in this city. Streets and streets are closed. Therefore, there is a traffic problem ”he thinks.

One of the questions asked to the subjects in the survey is “Are you aware of the tram project? “It was prepared in the form. 9.3% of those surveyed say they have no information about the tram project. 15.9 percent stated that they had partial knowledge. The rate of those who said "I have information about the tram project" was 74.8 percent. The same firm conducted a similar survey in 2015. One year ago, before construction started in the city, 67 percent of Izmit residents said "I have enough information about the Tamvay project". The fact that this rate has increased only 8-9 points today shows that the Metropolitan Municipality is not informing the people of the city sufficiently on this issue.

The Metropolitan Municipality searched for a name for the Izmit Tram for a long time, and the name "Akçaray" was found appropriate among the proposed names. According to the survey, 31.8 percent of the people in Izmit know that the name of the tram is "Akçaray". However, 68.2 percent of the respondents are unaware of the name “Akçaray”. It is clear that there is a lack of information on this subject.

Areda firm, in its research on the same subject in 2015, determined that 73 percent of the people knew that the Izmit Tramway will operate between the Sekapark and the Bus Terminal. Today, this rate has dropped to 6.2 percent. 33.8 percent of Izmit people do not know that the tram will run between Sekapark and Otogar when it is completed. Experts conducting the survey do not consider it as a contradiction that "The rate of those who knew the route a year ago was higher until today". They said that the route issue was discussed more in the media at the stage of the tramway tender, so it was normal that the rate of those who had information on this issue was higher last year. Obviously, some of those who knew about the tram route last year forgot about it one way later.

One of the questions posed to the subjects in the ARDA questionnaire; “Do you find the Akçaray route suitable? Shaped. 52.4 percent of Izmit residents who participated in the survey think that the route is suitable and 30.9 percent think that it is not suitable. A section of 16.7 percent has no idea about this.

74% When asked when the Akçaray project, the first man of the rail system, will be completed, an interesting picture emerges. Only 26.3 percent of the respondents say that the tram will start operating in February next year. Yüde 60.4 has no knowledge of history. 7.9% say it will end in "2018", 2.4% say "in 2023". In other words, almost 75 percent of the townspeople do not know when the tram will start running.

The most striking result that emerged from the research conducted by AREDA for our newspaper is that the people of the city did not find the Walkway suitable for such a project. As it is known, when the tram project came to the agenda, it was first discussed to lay the rails on the walking path. Later, Mayor Karaosmanoğlu understood that the plane trees on the sides of the Walk Road could be damaged and asked to change the route. 92,5% of the respondents say, "Fortunately, the rails are not laid on the Walkway." Only 7.5% think it would be appropriate to lay the tramway on the Walkway. 61 percent of the respondents in the AREDA survey think that the tramway route is not sufficiently discussed in the city public.

Does it solve the problem of mass transport?
Undoubtedly the most important and striking question of the survey: "Will the tramway project solve the public transportation problem in Izmit?" there was a question. According to the results of the survey, 58.3 percent of the people of the city will have significant relief in the public transport system with the start of the tram. 41.7% of the people of the city think that the tram system will not solve the public transportation problem. 84 percent of those who say, "Tram does not solve the problem of public transportation", justify that the route is wrong and too short.

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