New destination for the high-speed train line in Bursa 2020

New destination for the high speed train in Bursa 2020: It was a cold day ıyla 23 December 2012 was announced at the beginning of 3 at the groundbreaking ceremony with the participation of 2016 Minister in Balat for the high-speed train.
The foundation was the Bursa-Yenişehir stage. There was no project for Yenişehir. For this reason, even if the Yenişehir line at the beginning of 2016 ended, as targeted, it would be iş like a roller coaster O because it was not beyond.
Come see Gelin
The project could not be done beyond the Yenişehir. Because of the resulting landslides due to where the rails could not be decided.
While the project could not be done in that department, the tender price between Bursa and Yenişehir remained just as the 400 million pounds ended in the tunnels.
Clearly, the prospect of Bursa was broken, and the high-speed train began to emerge slowly from the urban agenda.
Then ...
With the change of TCDD management, new projects and search for new routes came up.
We also referred to them as ak The fast train is looking for a road in Mezitler Onları. In fact, we announced the idea to reach Yenişehir with the alternative of de following Ahı Mountain, next to the new highway Hatta.
But when the management changed in TCDD, we started to wait with curiosity.
The new hope that we expect in this process came from the AK Party Bursa deputy and the National Defense Commission Deputy Chairman Huseyin Sahin.
TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın Following his interview with
-It was decided for Yenişehir-Bilecik line that could not come to the project stage. Bursa line will be connected to Osmaneli. The project tender was made according to this decision and the process started. Al
He added the following information:
Var In the tender, there are 540 days for Yenişehir-Osmaneli project. But TCDD asked the contractor to do the project by the end of the year, in other words 240 a day. Fakat
: I took off from my discussions, “she said.
Cak When the project is finished at the end of the year, the tender will be launched immediately. Construction starts at the beginning of 2017. There are some changes in the current project. I think we can travel on 2020. That's the target. Hedef
We are in despair because the business is standing in the area in front of us, but it is the first time beyond the Yenişehir project, which is very important.
In short, we're hoping again.



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