MOTAŞ Personnel, Training Given

MOTAŞ Personnel were Trained: Training was given to MOTAŞ personnel on “Safe and Efficient Driving Techniques MOT.
MOTAŞ continues its training seminars. Salon Safe and Efficient Driving Techniques Eğ program held in Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Conference Hall was given by the Technical Trainer Yener Gülünay. Safe driving techniques in the program accompanied by a slide. In the program, önlem Safe driver, the person who noticed the accident in advance and the early measure is the person. The driver in front of him is the newbie, knowing that the person taking the safe drive. It is the professionalism that does not take risks when driving in traffic and can predict the failure of the driver in the opposite. Reflex is very important in traffic and steering is your life space when driving. For this reason, the way to intervene in the car at the time of the accident depends on you sitting in your seat, that is, the seat belt saves lives. The golden rule in traffic is not to risk. It may not always be possible to solve after the problem has occurred. Traffic accidents are not fate. Nothing is more important than human life. Efficient driving techniques to save fuel while driving with a vehicle that does not shake the customer satisfaction and will be released to the environment will be released to minimize the emission of carbon dioxide. Thus, we will prevent the flow of the national wealth of our country which is dependent on foreign sources in the fuel bağımlı.

motas given training in the evaluation of the Director General of Anwar Sadat Tamgac shared data about those who lost their lives in accidents and accidents from taking place in Turkey. Tamgac "According to Turkstat, in Turkey in 2015 137 278 thousand traffic accidents occurred. The number of people killed in these accidents was 2 bin 469. One of the reasons for the occurrence of accidents is the 121 bin 951 fault with driver errors. This is followed by 12 bin 269 pedestrian errors with flaw. Considering these results, we discussed traffic accidents caused by driver errors. Other impacts on statistical data are also closely related to us, but as we carry out public transport, driver errors concern us first. For this reason, we focus on training programs that include 'Safe and Efficient Driving Techniques'. We have seen in the trainings that the cause of the accident at the beginning of carelessness and speed comes. Of course, there are reasons. For example, driver errors due to our education system, lack of respect and tolerance; These and similar mistakes are taking lives. Traffic accidents in our country is taking more lives than terror. In order to minimize this, we have to increase our training programs, to increase the frequency. We need to put our brains in service before we start driving. We carry the most precious and the most precious of the creatures. Man is more valuable to us than the most valuable items to break. We carry this consciousness with our passengers. It's like we're being scrupulous on our backs. We will continue our training without interrupting our staff until we reach this consciousness. We will continue our trainings in practice. We will train at least five trainers by providing trainers and we will continue our trainings throughout the year at certain intervals Eğ.



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