Minikler Loved Nostalgic Train Park

Minikler Loved Nostalgic Train Park: TCDD 5. The Regional Directorate opened the Nostalgic Train Park in front of the logistics building.

Malatya 75. Year Republican Kindergarten students and teachers visited Nostalgic Train Park and 4 September Blue train which was opened recently.

The students made the excitement of seeing the trains by having their hearts in their trips.

Nostalgic Train 75 writing his feelings in the guest book. Birgül Barak Uğurlu, one of the Republican Kindergarten teachers, said that it was a fun and informative trip for the students. Uğurlu ın Many of my students came to the train station for the first time and had the excitement of seeing the train. To reach the train, to encourage people to be a good and effective work. I would like to thank all employees for their health. Teşekkür

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