How to prevent metrobus accidents

📩 09/12/2018 17:32

How to prevent metrobus accidents: Experts have warned of the recent increase in metrobus accidents, “Drivers are tired, roads are unplanned. Follow-up distance meter and automatic braking system should be brought to the metrobus.

WRI in Turkey and İETT his 5-year study by Metrobus accidents in 2010 -2014 May 96, 2015, 10 accidents, including accidents occurred about 5 years, originating from the driver. Twelve of these were fatal accidents. The stops where fatal accidents occurred were Okmeydanı, Perpa, Acıbadem, Çağlayan, Beylikdüzü, Cennet, Yenibosna, Sefaköy. It was observed that these accidents occurred mostly due to the backside bus hit the front. So what is the secret of accidents that cannot be prevented in metrobus? In accidents caused by the driver, is the problem in working conditions or accidents are caused by road problems. Experts explain the causes and solutions of metrobus accidents…

'Braking system should be introduced'

Highways Traffic and Road Safety Research President İhsan Memiş: The drivers in Ankara use 6 hours of metrobus. In Istanbul, drivers are more tired and working hours can be arranged. Fatigue keeps track of distance monitoring and distracting driving on straight road. Automatic braking system is a must. In Japan, the distances to follow the vehicle are different in winter. In winter there is ice, moisture on the roads and the distance measured by laser beam. This solution eliminates the problem of not seeing the vehicle in front due to the system. 30 warns there are meters away. We need solutions like this.

'Strips are too narrow, risk is hard to escape at risk

Traffic and Road Exp. High Engineer Suat Sarı: Strips in metrobuses are narrow. A systematic metrobus path could not be made. Therefore, there is no space for the driver to escape and minimize the risk at the time of the accident. Also the drivers' licenses are at least annually 40. Inspection, inspection is not provided. Vehicles in Italy 13 automatically shuts down at the end of the watch. The daily working time of that vehicle is over. But we don't know how many hours it works. After the tire comes out, the fire comes out again by accident. It is imperative to put the speed limiter on metrobuses and reduce the human burden.

'Studies are under way to prevent accidents'

ITU Security Barriers Dr. Ali Osman Atahan: A system that is used so often is likely to cause an accident. 800 a thousand people a day using BRT. One of the most used means of transportation. If the accidents are reduced, the service is quite large. Efforts are being made for the necessary arrangements for the solution of accidents. Changing the barbed barriers and asphalting work is done. With these studies, accidents cannot be completely prevented, but they can lead to a reduction in the number of fatal accidents.

'Moving more than necessary'

Honorary Traffic Inspector Sworn-in Expert Selcuk Dedeoglu: The roads for Istanbul's metrobus were not planned. The existing roads were divided. When you think of the width of the metrobus, they work on a very narrow path. More than enough passengers are required. Improvements should also be made during working hours. The road traffic law of 2918 was defined by the clocks. But the accidents caused by the driver and these minds? This work is being followed by the clock? Alar brings the question. For Metrobus, this is the biggest problem, causing an accident.

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