Mas Pump Devices are Preferred in Izmir's Tram Systems

Mas Pump Devices are Preferred in Izmir's Tram Systems: Alaybey- of Izmir Metropolitan MunicipalityKarşıyaka-Mavişehir and F.Altay Square-Konak-Halkapınar between the 22 kilometer route is being built on the tram line Mas Pump devices were preferred.

Konak and Izmir will be implemented to complement the metro system Karşıyaka Total investment in tram projects will reach 591 million pounds.

Karşıyaka16 in Konak, 21 in Konak, frequency-controlled booster systems, wet-rotor circulation pumps with frequency-controlled EEI 0,19 efficiency, dry-rotor circulation pumps, fire pump systems suitable for NFPA 20.

  1. development planna da giren tramvay projeleri, Türkiye2013-2018 to be completed between the years of transportation investments.


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