Trolleybus system feasibility studies continue in Manisa

Feasibility studies for the Trolleybus system continue in Manisa: Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Master Plan Project Feasibility studies on the trolleybus system are ongoing.

We abandoned the Hatif Rail System, as the number of passengers in the transportation master plan could not be reached on the route in question. Establishment of a trolleybus line has come to the agenda. Feasibility studies on the subject are continuing.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün, who is working to solve the transportation and traffic problems of Manisa. In July 2015, he visited Belgium where he studied the new generation trolleybus systems.

Mayor Ergün, who told the Van Hool company authorities that he met during his visit to Belgium, about the system he wanted to implement in Manisa, asked the company officials to work on Manisa and provide him with information.

Belgian company officials prepared a report with the Mayor of Manisa Cengiz Ergun visited the office. Mümin Deniz and MANULAŞ General Mildürü Mehmet Oluklu were also present.

Interview with company officials Manisaya uygun troleybüs sistemleri ve şehrin ulaşım güzergahları ile ilgili Başkan ErgünThe company officials, who gave a briefing, expressed their views on the applicability of the system in Manisa with the presentation they prepared.

Related to the Light Rail System Project in the past years. Expert teams from China made a presentation to Metropolitan Mayor Cengiz Ergün.

The officials stated that the Transportation Master Plan was prepared by the Mescioğlu Engineering firm and that the company will deliver the projects to the Municipality in the coming months. It is planned to apply for the approval of the Ministry of Development for the project to be included in the 2017 investment program in July.

After the necessary works are completed, the tender stage will be reached for the construction work. The line, which is thought to be about 18 km, will start from the new garage, pass through the city and proceed from Mehmet Akif Boulevard to 0SB.


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