First Digging in Manisa Spil Mountain Ropeway Project

The First Digging Shoots in Manisa Spil Mountain Cable Car Project: Rahmi Bayrak, 900th Regional Manager of Nature Conservation and National Parks, said that with the hotel and cable car project to be built on 100 decares of land in Manisa, a tourism investment of 4 million lira will be realized, and that all tenders have been completed. announced that in a month the pickax would be shot.

Spil Mountain National Park in Manisa kazanRahmi Bayrak, the 4th Regional Director of Nature Conservation and National Parks, stated that the efforts made for years to ensure that the region is a center of tourism are aimed to be completed in the last spring of 2017. Noting that the hotel and cable car tenders have been made, Bayrak said, “First, a health hotel will be built, and then a sports hotel will be implemented according to demand. It will be an investment of 100 million with total cable cars and hotels. We will add great value to Spil with what we do. The air of Spil is truly healing. For this, the concept of a health hotel was chosen.”

With the build-operate-transfer model, the hotel and cable car to be implemented by Tekinalp Group of Companies will be operated by 29 year company. The 1 will be in the next 29 month. As long as we invest, we will give time. If they work in accordance with the projects, they will be able to run 29 years. The company 1 has committed to finish the construction within a year and a half. The health hotel and the ropeway are expected to be activated in the autumn of next year. Sağlık

Stating that they agreed with the same company for the total 8 kilometer line, Bayrak Flag said that the Austrian company is one of the most famous ropeway companies in the world. Flag, 25 minutes to the center of Spil can be reached by specifying the cable car, the city center in the center of the cable car said that the Uncubozköy neighborhood was chosen. Zone Manager Bayrak, botanical park in this area, pond areas, cruising hills, walking and bicycle paths, as well as improved roads will be improved. Flag, Spil Mountain National Park, the icons of the year about the horses project will implement the said, "Spil Mountain's horses will be the area of ​​horseback riding for children to meet the horse," he said.

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