1 injured in the level crossing in Malatya

1 injured in Malatyada level crossing: Malatya, the vagina-free locomotive, slammed the car at a level crossing. The locomotive was passing through the level crossing, while at the time it wanted to break through the barrier, but hit the car on the tracks and it was reported that 1 was seriously injured in the accident.

Accident, evening time 20.00 waters Malatya center Yeşiltepe occurred in the level crossing Babuktu. While he was in the locomotive course going from Malatya Gar in the direction of Elazığ to the direction of Elazığ without a vagon; Mehmet Ali S. led by the 33056 ED 44 license plate with a closed rail crossing the rails wanted to cross the rails, but could not stop the car could not stop the locomotive.

Car driver Mehmet Ali S. was injured and the ambulance from the scene was taken to the hospital in Malatya. The health status of the wounded was reported to be heavy.

After the investigation, the locomotive returned to Malatya Railway Station.

The investigation into the accident began.



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