The last time of subway times in Ankara has changed

Ankara Metro Lines Stations
Ankara Metro Lines Stations

The last time of the subways in Ankara has changed: The last time of the subways in Ankara has changed: the departure times of the subways, which ended at the earliest at 22.00, and at the latest at 23.00, were taken to 24.00 at night, as instructed by Melih Gökçek. .

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek discussed the transportation in the capital with young people. Meeting the youth at the conference titled “Transportation and Traffic Order çek in Ankara Metropolitan Municipality conference hall, Gökçek evaluated the demand from the youth.


Upon the request of the young people, it was decided to extend the metro flights in Ankara until midnight. Gokcek, UM the signaling system in the direction of the integration work carried out the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications demand the last time we pulled the time to 23.00. But now I'm ordering the extension to 24.00 again Ancak.

EGO General Manager Balamir Gündoğdu also shared the tweet on his Twitter account, metro On the request of the young people, with the instruction of our President, Melih Gökçek, the subway services were taken to 24 at night ”. The new app will start from today.


EGO General Directorate of Metropolitan Municipality, 12 May 2014 'signaling systems integration work' announced that the date and the last train movement hours in the subway had to edit.

For metro stations, konforlu Signalization systems integration works will be carried out in Ankara metro lines in order to ensure a fast and comfortable train operation. In order to complete the works that will continue until the end of the year, 12 has been regulated during the last train departure hours since May 2014 ecek announcement was posted.


Before the new arrangement The last train hours in the capital OSB / Törekent station Batıkent station direction 22.00, Batıkent station to the direction of the OSB / Törekent station 23.00, Batıkent station to the direction of Kızılay station 22.30 Kızılay station Batıkent station direction 23.00, Koru station from the direction of Kızılay station 22.30 hours, from the Red Crescent station to the direction of the station was applied as clock 23.00.

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