Kalecik TM - TCDD İzzettin TM Electric Power Project Tender will be held in the coming months for the project, whose EIA process has started.

TCDD 2. Region Kalecik TM - TCDD İzzettin TM Electric Energy Project The project will start to be tendered in the coming months for the EIA process.

General Directorate of Turkish State Railways Management of TCDD 2. Regional Directorate. New developments regarding the Kalecik TM - TCDD Izzettin TM Electric Energy Transmission Line (EEİH) Project have been recorded.

The EIA process for the project, which is determined as the investment value 9.340.000 TL, has started. The EIA Report The project prepared by Nota Çevre Proje Danışmanlık is expected to be awarded in the coming months.

At 154 kV voltage. about 42 km long. EIEH, which is planned as 3 phase 1272 MCM, will start from the Kalecik District Substation in Ankara and Balismah District in Kirikkale Province. It will end at Izzettin Village Transformer Station (TM).

8 poles will be used along the line and 10 km of the Electricity Transmission Line is within the borders of Kalecik District (Gökdere Malıallesi and Gümüşpınar District) in Ankara Province, 32 km part of it is in Kırıkkale Province, Balülükeyh District (Aydınşeyh Village, Lıklışeyh Village, Yenice Village, Izzettin Village) will pass through the borders.

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