KAIK Railway Accidents Workshop held

KAIK Railway Accidents Workshop was held: UDHB Accident Research and Investigation Board KAIK explained the general structure and functioning of the Board in a platform where stakeholders in the public and private sector came together in order to raise awareness in the liberalization process that started in the railway sector, informing about its legislation, working of similar boards and structures in the world. A "Railway Accidents Workshop" was held in Antalya with the participation of all interested parties to examine their methods, to guide the work and activities of the Board, especially the railway accident investigations, and to exchange views on the aforementioned issues.

Members of the Board of Directors Onur Küçükakdere and Hamdi Seyhun attended the KAİK Railway Accident Workshop on behalf of DTD. Hamdi Seyhun made a presentation on “DTD Promotion and Expectations from Liberalization ayda.



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