South Korea and Japan's Deputy Ambassador to Turkey TCDD Railway Minister Visits

South Korea and Japan's Deputy Ambassador to Turkey TCDD Railway Minister Visits South Korea and Japan Railway Deputy Minister with his accompanying delegation Ambassador to Turkey General Manager İsa Apaydınvisited.


South Korea Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Deputy Minister of Rail Min Woo Park and accompanying delegation, 26 May 2016 General Manager İsa Apaydınvisited.

During a visit carried out between the two countries it started years ago and the relations and close cooperation with emphasis on friendly relations which continue especially as the continuation of railways South Korea were both underlined will lead to positive results in terms of Turkey.

The South Korean delegation was informed about the history and current status of the High-Speed ​​Train technology in South Korea. The delegation stated that they are aware of the work done on the National Train Project in our country and made suggestions about cooperation in the field of technology transfer with South Korea within the scope of the production of high speed rail vehicles.

Apaydın underlined that we wish our vehicles in our fleet to be our own production and that we aim to export the vehicles produced to neighboring countries in the future and that we are open to all kinds of cooperation for this purpose.

Wishing success to Apaydın in his new position, Park reiterated his belief that the close relations and cooperation between the two countries would continue increasingly and ended with good wishes.

General Manager İsa Apaydın'S another important guest of the Japan's ambassador to Turkey Hiroshi Oka' was y.

Oka expressed the opportunity to visit Marmaray in Istanbul on the occasion of the World Humanitarian Summit. Stating that Marmaray contributed greatly to the passenger transportation and traffic problem in Istanbul, Oka expressed great pleasure for the projects being carried out with Japanese companies and shared information about the Shinkansen trains operated in Japan.

In total, indicating that the target with 2023 years 25.000 km of rail network targeting the construction Apaydin, in particular the support given by the government in Turkey with the great progress of the railway sector, thus expanding the vision of the railways, he said.

Apaydin completed in Turkey, ongoing and planned railway project related information, giving laid down in the Marmaray Turkish-Japanese could serve as a model of cooperation, adding that they are in favor of the continuation of similar projects TCDD.

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