Izmir Meryem Ana ropeway project approved

The İzmir Virgin Mary cable car project has been approved: The cable car project planned to be built on the Ephesus Antique Canal and Selçuk Virgin Mary in the Selçuklu district of İzmir has been approved.

Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroğlu said that they opened the way for a solid waste disposal facility yesterday by visiting İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu in his office.

Minister Eroğlu stated that Kocaoğlu had recently visited him in Ankara and he had 3 requests and said, “During your visit in Ankara, the President had 3 requests from us. You asked us for support for the Solid Waste Disposal Facility Project, Ali Onbaşı Dam and Yiğitler Dam. Your demands on these 3 issues have been fulfilled. We have taken our steps regarding the Ali Onbaşı Dam. The tender for the Yiğitler Dam will be held on 20 May. One of the biggest problems of İzmir was the disposal of solid wastes. Harmandalı exceeded its capacity. The request of our president from us was to give a positive opinion for the construction of the facility. Location issue has been resolved. We have allocated the area belonging to our Ministry of Forestry. Thus, these demands were fulfilled. I hope the project work begins. " used the expressions.

Minister Veysel Eroğlu, during his visit to İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak, clarified about the Ephesus Ancient Canal and the cable car planned to be built in Selçuk Virgin Mary. According to the news of Yeni Asır, Eroğlu said, “The Ephesus Ancient Canal will be 6 thousand 130 meters long. We will pave the way to the ancient harbor. We will connect with the sea. The channel width will also be 30 meters. There will be water 4 meters deep. We will complete this Ephesus Ancient Canal, which has been awaited for years. It will contribute to Selçuk and İzmir tourism. DSI will clean the mud here. Without damaging the surrounding cemeteries, we will clean them with a special system if necessary. We also made the tender for the cable car construction operation in Selçuk. "

Minister Eroğlu said, “With the instructions of our President and Prime Minister, we will make an investment of 25 billion liras in İzmir with the Egegep Project. Our project will continue until the end of 2019. In this context, we are building 50 dams and ponds in İzmir. We brought water to İzmir with Gördes Dam. We are building Karareis, Çandarlı and Rahmanlar Dams to supply water to Çeşme and its surroundings. We are improving 83 streams. What he should do is not doing. An application is made to us. Stream improvement continues in Torbalı. We will build 9 big bridges and 7 honey forests. We are building 78 recreation areas. Kemalpaşalılar will have the magnificent nature park. We love the people of Izmir. We will continue to be the servants of İzmir, ”he concluded.

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