Izmir Cycling Master Plan

Izmir Bike Master Plan works for: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has an 40 kilometer road in the city, has taken action to increase this number to 135 kilometers. Metropolitan, on the other hand, works for Izmir Cycling Master Plan.

Büyük 3. Organized by Ege University, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Izmir Police Department. Bicycle Symposium ğ, Izmir also revealed the sensitivity of the bicycle. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the city to develop bikes in the planned development and international platforms to take part in the Izmir projects, the symposium has received great interest.

Buğra Gökçe, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, who said that one of the most distinctive and distinctive features of İzmir is different from other cities, and its approach to making bicycles a part of urban transportation, is to support this beautiful environment in Izmir by developing new projects. said they were working. Gökçe said, “FLOW on the one hand and EUROVELO on the other hand, in order to enable İzmir to show itself actively in all international networks' What can we do better? What is being done in other countries? How can we interact? ' We are in the research of such issues. We are trying to continue these works in a participatory way. ”

Bike Master Plan is also coming

Fidan Aslan, the Head of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, said that with the decisions of the Izmir Transportation Master Plan, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality envisaged to build a 135-kilometer bike path and 40 km of it was completed to a great extent. Fidan also explained the “BİSİM” project, which was implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and was in great demand from the Izmirites, to the symposium participants.

Aslan, who draws attention to the bicycle workshops called 'COME TO THE ROAD' and 'BIPPO: PUNTA' where university students, academics and bicycle transport activists come together to design at different scales and where bicycle routes are determined in different parts of the city. the project is supported and efforts are underway to make a European standard regulation by evaluating all requests for bicycle paths. We are also working on making the Izmir Bicycle Master Plan. In this context, sample plans are being examined. ”

6 pioneering city in Europe

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and experience in developed countries in order to integrate bicycle transportation into other modes of transportation and to be organized as a safe transportation alternative in appropriate standards, aims to provide the necessary information exchange in the international platform. Project. The FLOW Project is aimed at reducing urban traffic congestion, increasing walking and cycling routes, encouraging cycling, and realizing arrangements to be evaluated on equal terms with motor vehicles. Under the FLOW Project, 2020 is the leading city (Sofia, Lisbon, Munich, Gdynia, Budapest, Dublin) and 6 participating city. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality officials, in this process, met with the Municipality of Munich, Rupprecht Consulting Company and WRI (World Resources Institute) and made an agreement between the two cities.

”Let EUROVELO extend to İzmir“

Izmir bicycle tourism routes and will contribute to the development of alternative tourism sector in the European Cyclists Tourism Network "EUROVELO" and develops its relations Metropolitan Municipality, it also plans to fit tourism routes to EUROVELO criteria to be continued in Turkey of EUROVELO cycling routes in Europe. The studies continue to link the EUROVELO route, which extends to Piraeus Port, through Chios and connects to Izmir via Mytilene and Salonica and defines the 350-kilometer Bergama-Efes Bicycle Route.

Another project of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is the ın EUROPEAN CYCLING CHALLENGE 2016 Bel competition, which will provide important data for the relevant planning units while promoting the expansion of bicycle transportation. The 52 European city is participating in the event where the cities where the use of bicycles are common, are competing with each other.

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  1. I think the best news of the day, maybe the week! Here is my İZMİRİM! Modern, western, that is, the closest to the current advanced country culture level. The city, which will be both environmentally friendly, ecological and human. IZMIR!
    ALONE; there is an ACTION to start before the plan is put into practice: the stimulation of the citizen, the bicycle, the urban transport and the awareness of the individual transport vehicle uygulam. That some of the stallions with a four-wheeled vehicle stallions on the man to go on the engine. - some careless slouchy, the same as a passenger car with the same rights, but a two-wheeled transportation means learn, you should understand, understand. Some of the supervisors - traffic police friends, watch the right to watch the bike drivers - perhaps the big part of the society, on this occasion, the other participants in the traffic to get rid of the insensitivity to the others, to learn to respect them! REMEMBER: EV Love is an old man, but respect is a MEVBURIY UN.

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