Nightmarish days await Istanbul

Nightmare-filled days await Istanbul: The AKP's projects promoted as prestige, the 3rd Bridge, 3rd Airport, Channel Istanbul, and the Eurasia Tunnel will increase the population of the city to 40 million. The city will become even more uninhabitable

Turkey's megacity ongoing multi-billion dollar giant projects in Istanbul when the city's population now lives will endure at least two. Only royalty-based projects that are not done within the framework of a specific plan will be a blow to the city's transportation, air and green areas. Many of the projects to be realized with the billions of dollars of taxes coming out of the pocket of the citizen were given to the companies close to the government and environmental plans and healthy urban life were deemed to be none.

Billion projects

Istanbul 3 construction continues. the airport will be the world's most expensive airport with 25.6 billion euros in terms of construction costs. Most of the cost is 3 from the state safe. The investment cost of the bridge exceeds 4.5 billion liras. The Eurasia Tunnel, which will make the traffic of the Historic Peninsula inevitable, will be realized with the investment of 1.3 billion dollars in the Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project. At least 20 billion dollars will be invested for the Canal Istanbul project, which will be a scalpel and will be used as a crazy project.

Investors also started to complain about these projects which were not carried out within the framework of infrastructure and a certain plan. 3. One of the investors of the airport, Limak Holding Chairman Nihat Özdemir stated that the number of passengers and vehicles will come here and said, bunu However, we couldn't even make auctions despite the fact that the highway, railway and metro 2 were mentioned years ago. If we do not do these, our ports will be the ones that will be troubled to the beginning of Istanbul when all of our airports are opened Bunlar.

No constitution

TMMOB Chamber of Civil Engineers Chairman of the Board Cemal Gökçe, 2009 / 1, which is defined as the X Constitution of Istanbul e by Kadir Topbaş, the President of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and which came into effect in 100, is in the 3 thousand scale Environmental Plan. Bridge, 3. Noting such projects as the Airport, Kanal istanbul, Tube Passage, said, hazırlan While preparing this plan, 400-500 scientists' opinion was received. No one has approved the projects I'm counting on.

But we are doing a daily project. We lie in the morning at night, we look at the bridge, here we decided to make an airport, Gece he said. 1 / 100 3 in a thousand scale plan. Emphasizing that the location of the airport Silivri, but later that the rents will be provided to be changed to emphasize the head of the line of speech Gökçe'ın as follows: l Biniyor one of the top of the plane to decide here, the bridge here, here to make the tube passage says. It is not a plan based understanding, but a projective understanding. The caravan has the logic to be fixed on the road.

Not functional

-3. the ground conditions of the airport, whether it is suitable for air flights, the damages in the future in Istanbul and the problems that the forests will disappear will not be examined.

- If you are making an airport, you have to think about the commercial relations of that region in the framework of urban life. Today, even if the airport ends, it is not possible for the rate to become functional in the long term. However, Nihat Özdemir also has a right word. No infrastructure of the project.

-Kanal Istanbul on the agenda, which scientists within the framework of the channel project should be made opinion? No. Only the ruling circles and the President decides. There is no complete planning within the framework of integration of transportation and other infrastructure problems with the city. As we move with an understanding, we will face serious problems when the projects are finished. So is the tube passage that joins Haydarpaşa and Yenikapı. If you take the 70 bin from Haydarpaşa a day and you give it there, the transportation will be much more problematic than the current situation.



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